The Explorers Foundation exists to build a world fit for explorers and to fit ourselves to inhabit such a world. Ventures devoted to finding, inventing, presenting, and distributing tools for explorers can change the world. The origin and ever active source of all liberty is the explorer's love of tools: of mind, hand, art, science, enterprise, and culture. Exploration consists of passionate interest in problems, and truthful, determined, persistent search for solutions. A characteristic of thriving explorations and of cultures rich with them is freeorder, a balance among designed and spontaneous orders supporting the testing of theoretical and practical conjectures, the honest recognition of error, and the rapid emergence of new conjecture. Ventures built around this concept are freeorder generators, or forges, a word chosen to summon images of places devoted to crafting tools. Forges are enterprises in goods of mind and spirit meaningful and useful to explorers. The future of the world depends on the provision of such goods through varied and open enterprise. By this we will strengthen critical thought, achieve faster correction of error, and avoid catastrophic reliance on organizations whose continuing dominance benefits from narrowing of thought, expression, and action. Forges develop and support the emergence of freeorder within individuals, organizations, and cultures, with the hope and expectation of catalyzing a rising surge of mind and spirit. Explorers Foundation is a forge.