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merry-go-rounds as water pumps

A water pump that doubles as a children's merry-go-round is bringing clean water to hundreds of thousands of families in Africa.

As children spin on a merry-go-round, water pumps from below the ground. It is stored in a tank just a few feet away, making a safe, plentiful supply of water available in the community.

Nearly 700 PlayPumps have been installed in South Africa, providing safe water to a million people living in rural communities. Thousands more PlayPumps will be installed throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, bringing the many benefits of ready access to clean drinking water to millions of underserved people.

Read more to learn how you can support PlayPumps and help bring better health, joyful play, and a brighter future to millions of families in Africa.

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Tue, Jul 18, 2006

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