Vortex Beowulf : evolution of a network commonwealth

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Oath of Fealty of the Aragonese Lords to their Monarch (15th c.)
We, who are as good as you,
swear to you, who are no better than us,
to accept you as our king and sovereign,
provided you observe all our liberties and laws,
but if not, no.

Project Bennett — Explorers Foundation support of the work of James C. Bennett

In the following partial listing of works by James C. Bennett a good place to start is: The Third Anglosphere Century ••• (pdf) (Heritage Foundation 2007); Amazon ••• (printed booklet, from $769.50 -checked Jan 2, 2015)

Articles by Ed Harris, United Commonwealth Society

Book Reviews
America 3.0, a collection of reviews: http://explorersfoundation.org/A3.0.html
Fukuyama, Francis, The Origins of Political Order. Reviewd by Adam Kirsch, "City Journal", Spring 2011 •••
Wood, Ian S., Britain, Ireland, and the Second World War. Reviewed by Daniel C. Williamson •••
Noted by Mike Lotus (Lexington Green, at http://chicagoboyz.net
Articles (by author, or by topic)
Blogs & Websites
474 Oath of Fealty of the Aragonese Lords to their Monarch
469 The Philosophy Site of Rafe Champion - treasures and surprises for friends of Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, and F. A. Hayek
010 "An Anglosphere Primer", by James C. Bennett - ©2001, 2002 by James C. Bennett, Presented to the Foreign Policy Research Institute
176 The Anglosphere Challenge: Why the English-Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century, by James C. Bennett
180 Alan Macfarlane - The Making of the Modern World, The Riddle of the Modern World & other contents of Alan Macfarlane's website
295 "The Champion of Hong Kong's Freedom: Sir John Cowperthwaite, Hong Kong, 1941 to 1971", by Christian Wignall. See this glyph for an additional article by Wignall: "Hong Kong stumbles along the road to serfdom".
202 Albion's Seed, by David Hackett Fischer - origins of complex, dynamic, stable order
195 Albion's Seedlings - weblog on Anglosphere topics
090 Philosophy and the Real World, by Brian Magee
380 William of Ockham (1300-1349) as understood by Claudio Véliz - various kinds of decentralized disorder & the romantic disposition
387 Realist and Nominalist — Baroque Hedgehog and Gothic Fox - a Greek myth central to Claudio Véliz' The New World of the Gothic Fox
378 "The Factory System of the Early Nineteenth Century", by W. H. Hutt - toward a better understanding of conditions existing early in the Industrial Revolution
Commentary at Mises Institute, with small image of a remarkable painting, "Coalbrookdale by Night" (1801), by Philippe Jacques de Loutherbourg: http://mises.org/daily/2443
416 Bennett's Conjecture on English Speaking India - the most important fact of the 21st century?
013 Letters on the English, by Voltaire, 1733
History, Participants, Scholars
History of this Vortex
Participants in Vortex Beowulf (earlier names: Pelagius, Arthur)
Hollis Danvers, Bill Casey, Jim Bennett, Leif Smith, Barbara Johnson, Rand Simberg, Lexington Green, Peter Saint-André, Alan Macfarlane, Michael Lotus, James McCormick, John O'Sullivan, Pat Wagner, Mark Frazier, Bob Chitester, Ed Warner, ...
Scholars whose work is contributory (bibliographies forthcoming (patience, please))
James C. Bennett, Winston Churchill, Robert Conquest, Ricardo Duchesne, David Hackett Fischer, Francis Fukuyama, Yukichi Fukuzawa, F. A. Hayek, Paul Johnson, Joel Kotkin, Alan Macfarlane, F. W. Maitland, Montesquieu, John Morley, Noël Mostert, Kevin Phillips, Murray N. Rothbard, Immanuel Todd, Claudio Véliz, Voltaire, Sjdjan Vucetic