Vortex Cato : limiting & reversing government obstruction & predation
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explorersfoundation.org/cato.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
This vortex is driven by interest in assuring that governments do not progressively or suddenly deprive their citizens of freedoms needed by explorers. It is named after an anti-federalist writer opposed to the ratification of the American Constitution. The Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights, was conceived as a cage for a dangerous beast, and in many ways has served and still serves that purpose. Nevertheless, the participants in this vortex believe that obstruction and predation is on the rise and must be reversed. Thanks to the Cato Institute for inspiration. -leif smith
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* The well-being of explorers is usually inversely proportional to the power of government. -ls
* “Politics is Destroying Your Soul” ••• by Aaron Ross Powell
* “As We Exit Politics, Our Values Will Change for the Better” ••• by Max Borders, July 27, 2016
V A Solution to the problem of corrupting politics, Parties of No Party ••• a freeordered kind of politics that does not require lying.
* The above linked document (on public Dropbox) compresses the idea into one page. Some of the words used, such as “pledge,” would be qualified in a longer explanation. If this interests you, there is a lot to discuss (see contact info above).
> Life Extension Foundation ••• opposes FDA (in most cases)
> "Political Unification: A Generalized Progression Theorem" •••, by Jörg Guido Hülsmann
* The Cato Institute ••• (individual liberty, free markets, and peace)
V Law Enforcement Against Prohibition •••
* "Drugs are bad but the drug war is worse."
* “Using aggression to stop drug abuse kills more people than the drugs themselves! If we honored our neighbor’s choice, the people now enforcing the minimum wage and licensing laws would be available to go after the real criminals. In 1987, drug offenders made up 36% of the federal prison population. [The number is up to 50% today.] As the War on Drugs escalates, more of our law enforcement dollar will be spent on drug-related crimes and less on rapists, murderers, and thieves. Is this the best way to deal with the drug problem?” —posted on Facebook, Feb 11, 2017, by Mary J. Ruwart •••
V Pathologies of Cultures and Governments
V This will grow into a list of resources
* The Tyranny of Nice ••• about Canada vs. Mark Steyn, by Kathy Shaidle and Pete Vere, with an introduction by Mark Steyn.
* A Matter of Principle, by Conrad Black, tells the story of prosecution out of control, producing vast destruction of reputation and wealth, in the name of preserving both. A current phrase naming what must be resisted is “prosecutorial abuse.” See also the work done on this by Paul Craig Roberts.
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> The Bruges Group •••
> Essential Liberty and The Patriot Post ("The Voice of Essential Liberty")
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