Vortex Cheetah : entrepreneurial Africa
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> George Ayittey, author of Africa Unchained, and source of "Cheetah” ••• (TED talk, 2007)
> “Libertarian Herman Mashaba elected mayor of Johannesburg,” —The Globe and Mail, September 16, 2016, by Geoffrey York •••
> “From the Ashes a Cheetah Rises, — A Peculiar Ghanaian Tale,” ••• (Barbara Johnson, in Cold War Warrior)
* AfricanLiberty.org — “… to bring African voices for liberty to the wider world and work with African media to disseminate policy ideas for a new century of peace, freedom, and prosperity.”
> Magatte Wade
> Works of Peter Thomas Bauer, especially, Dissent on Development
> Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid — Is aid killing Africa? — video interview on the CATO@Liberty site
* Free Market Foundation ••• (South Africa)
* Sahara Reporters — news of Africa ••• (New York Times article with many links, including to Sahara Reporters)
* Tiossan: The purpose of our profits ••• — investment in Senegal: the educational philanthropy of the Tiossano Learning Tribe LLC
> Cheetahs can be found through Unreasonable Institute ••• — international accelerator and investor in high-impact entrepreneurs.
* Trickle Up ••• — new business creation in Africa, more Cheetahs … see video interviews •••
> Nuru International ••• — ending poverty one community at a time
> "Africa: the New Edge, the New Green,” Magatte Wade and Michael Strong, Huffington Post, March 2009 •••
> Emeka Okofor’s blog, Emergent Africa ••• — a platform for analyzing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey’s latest book, Africa Unchained.
* http://nubiancheetah.blogspot.com — all about Africa; including business, technology, ict, affordable health solutions, sustainable development, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship.
> Free Market Foundation (South Africa, Leon Luow & many others) http://www.freemarketfoundation.com
> Polly Hill, “Indefatigable economic anthropologist,” author articles and books on “idigenous capital”.
> The Green Belt Movement ••• : climate resilience, has planted of 51 million trees in Kenya.
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