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> George Ayittey, author of Africa Unchained, and source of "Cheetah” ••• (TED talk, 2007)
V Polly Hill, “Indefatigable economic anthropologist,” author articles and books on “idigenous capital”.
* “From 1954 until 1965, Hill was employed as a Research Fellow at the University of Ghana when, as she put it, she became a pupil of the migrant cocoa farmers of Ghana. Thus began her work as 'field economist', a term that best describes the unique fieldwork methods she pioneered. She began her research using the standard questionnaire method and wrote up the result of this research in her second book, The Gold Coast Cocoa Farmer: a preliminary survey (1956).

“When she subsequently realised that this method had led her to accept uncritically some false, conventional assumptions about the backgrounds of these farmers, she abandoned the method in favour of one that would enable her to make empirical discoveries. Her new method combined the methods of an economic historian, human geographer and economic anthropologist. She made intensive studies of villages, conducted extensive archival work, and situated her findings in the relevant comparative and historical context. All her subsequent works were based on original data that she collected using her rigorous scholarly methods.” — http://www.independent.co.uk/news/obituaries/polly-hill-308002.html
> The Migrant Cocoa-Farmers of Southern Ghana. A Study in Rural Capitalism, Polly Hill
> Interview ••• with Polly Hill, video recording by Alan Macfarlane •••, Cambridge University
* Studies in Rural Capitalism in West Africa, By Polly Hill. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1970.
> “Libertarian Herman Mashaba elected mayor of Johannesburg,” —The Globe and Mail, September 16, 2016, by Geoffrey York •••
> “From the Ashes a Cheetah Rises, — A Peculiar Ghanaian Tale” ••• (Barbara Johnson, in Cold War Warrior)
* AfricanLiberty.org — “… to bring African voices for liberty to the wider world and work with African media to disseminate policy ideas for a new century of peace, freedom, and prosperity.”
> Magatte Wade
> Works of Peter Thomas Bauer, especially, Dissent on Development
> Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid — Is aid killing Africa? — video interview on the CATO@Liberty site
* Free Market Foundation ••• (South Africa)
* Sahara Reporters — news of Africa ••• (New York Times article with many links, including to Sahara Reporters)
* Tiossan: The purpose of our profits ••• — investment in Senegal: the educational philanthropy of the Tiossano Learning Tribe LLC
> Cheetahs can be found through Unreasonable Institute ••• — international accelerator and investor in high-impact entrepreneurs.
* Trickle Up ••• — new business creation in Africa, more Cheetahs … see video interviews •••
> Nuru International ••• — ending poverty one community at a time
> "Africa: the New Edge, the New Green,” Magatte Wade and Michael Strong, Huffington Post, March 2009 •••
> Emeka Okofor’s blog, Emergent Africa ••• — a platform for analyzing and contributing to the issues and solutions raised by George Ayittey’s latest book, Africa Unchained.
* http://nubiancheetah.blogspot.com — all about Africa; including business, technology, ict, affordable health solutions, sustainable development, venture capital, and social entrepreneurship.
> Free Market Foundation (South Africa, Leon Luow & many others) http://www.freemarketfoundation.com
> The Green Belt Movement ••• : climate resilience, has planted over 51 million trees in Kenya.
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