Vortex Chopin : Poland
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This vortex is about a Poland fit for explorers and Poles who understand how to make that change happen and how to benefit from doing it. We are hopeful for the future of Poland because an extraordinary level of education exists there: many Poles have advanced degrees in tyranny, earned under the guidance of the USSR.
John O'Sullivan's talk at the Heritage Foundation about his book, The President, The Pope and the Prime Minister. His account of Pope John Paul II's visits to Poland during the 1980s is fascinating and instructive •••
> From Windham Loopesko: Bielsko Aviation Technology Park •••
> International Society for Individual Liberty: Poland
> University of Białystok, extending the ideas of F. A. Hayek
> History : Chrenkoff post, November 17, 2004
> The Poland-Anglosphere Bridge - major bridge needs work
> Central Europe - remembering history
> Centre for Research into Post-Communist Economies (CRCE) •••
> “Water-related conflicts in urban areas in Poland”
> Participants in this Vortex