Vortex Guardian : defense of open space
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Open space is characterized by limits that serve quest. Closed space is characterized by limits that obstruct quest. Human social systems exist on a continuum between closed space and open space. Freeorder is dependent upon and emergent from well-made boundaries. This vortex is about the defense of open space. Closely related vortices: Sheridan, Openworld, Blackstone.
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What must be defended: geographic and virtual spaces within which freeorder thrives. We want to know what is required to keep the defended space free of predators and hospitable to producers, whether individuals or groups.
The preservation of civilization depends on defending individuals and their organizations from unreasonable and destructive imposition of commands backed by threats of physical violence. Guardians of freeorder defend the victims of barbaric stupidity, avariciousness, personal aggrandizement or malice.
V Oath Keepers •••, retired and active police and military, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the USA have been appearing at public speeches with the mission to protect free speech. They seem to be saying, “This is America. Come and speak. We will protect you if necessary.” They respect, and defer to, regular police and retained security.
Los Angeles Times Interviews ••• Oath Keepers Founder and President, Stewart Rhodes — video: lots of crowd noise obscures some of this interview.
* “Trumpism explained” •••, by Newt Gingrich, sent to us by Steve Alexander 1/28/17
* Parties of No Party ••• — a strategy for driving political control into an appropriately small corner, and keeping it there, introduced by a fictitious but illustrative proposal to elect Cobden and Bright heads of state for USA.
> Gene Sharp, From Dictatorship to Democracy, and “Self-Liberation”
> Institute for Justice IJ
> Volunteer guardians defending against looters, Ferguson, Missouri, 2014
> Venture Capitalists + Special Ops
* Sometimes the insurgents are the good guys, and sometimes the bad guys, and sometimes, confusingly, both in different aspects. Explorers must ask, "What's good for us?" Consider the American revolt against the British Government: A successful outcome for the insurgents led to greater open space for explorers. On the other hand, in Iraq, 2007, a victory for the insurgents would have led to contraction of openspace.
* "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs" — article by Dave Grossman, recommended by Chris Huston
> A Note on Two Kinds of Guardians (defenders of openspace)
> Article on urban terrorism, in City Journal, recommended by Robert Himber
> Perversions of Guardianship
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