Vortex Leopold : soil, water, air, flora, fauna, geneosphere
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* Conquest of the Land through Seven Thousand Years, by W. C. Lowdermilk ••• What has happened to the soils of our planet, how, who, and why. Thanks to Jim McNelly of Renewable Carbon Management •••. Jim has figured out what it takes to rebuild soils on a massive scale by making use of the network of intermodal shipping terminals and their millions of containers.
V Windward Foundation ••• : an education & research center
V Permaculture Spring Break ••• : Three days of hands-on learning, March 27-29 2017
* “The overarching theme of the course is an exploration of the practical details of building a land-based economy.

“That is, how to work with the nature and character of land to build a productive ecosystem capable of providing the raw materials (food, fuel, medicine, craft materials, clothing materials, etc) for communities, even on marginal land like Windward's.

“We will explore these concepts by working directly with the primary economy of plant-based ecosystems - making water retentive growing spaces, conditioning the soil in native ecosystems, and propagating and planting productive native shubs, trees, and herbs.”
*  Sand County Foundation •••, “the nation’s leading voice for private land conservation” — “Conservation can accomplish its objectives only when it springs from an impelling conviction on the part of private land owners." —Aldo Leopold, conservationist, landowner and author of A Sand County Almanac.
* Ed Warner, Geologist, Philanthropist and Conservationist Dr. Edward M. Warner, speaks on ”Thinking Outside the Box: Energy, Environment, and Community.” Ed is a director of Sand County Foundation.
V Jim McNelly’s breakthrough in soil production and enhancement, the work of Jim McNell
* “Maturity and Stability of Bio-based Nutrients: The NaturTech Biofertilizer Breakthrough” ••• (in draft)
* Renewable Carbon Management ••• : McNelly’s company
* “Bio-conversion”, Jim McNelly, 1996 ••• : the story of Jim’s early vision
* Seed Savers Exchange •••
Enduring Seeds •••, by Gary Paul Nabhan — on the need for biological diversity
> SWIIM ••• integrated crop and water management
* Seed Savers Exchange ••• Conservators, collectors and distributors of heirloom seeds
> Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.
V John Burroughs, Henry Ford; Louis Bromfield
* Henry Ford gave John Burroughs an early model-T, and renewed the gift frequently. They became good friends. See The Wild Wheel •••, a biography of Ford by Garet Garrett. Henry Ford’s first philanthropic donation was for birds. The entire book is available at no charge from the Mises Institute (click on the three dots after the title). This is the most interesting book on Ford I’ve encountered, written by a man who knew him, and who appreciated individuality as few others understand how to do.
> Louis Bromfield (1896-1956), Malabar Farm (1948), Pleasant Valley (1945)
* Running with Rhinos ••• : a Discover Magazine article on the book by Ed Warner
* Adironcack League Club
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