Vortex Leopold : soil, water, air, flora, fauna, geneosphere
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explorersfoundation.org/leopold.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
> Log
> Breakthrough in soil production and enhancement, the work of Jim McNelly, Renewable Carbon Management
> Restoration of Colorado headwaters, Jerry Mallett
> Agua Via ••• — a one water molecule thick membrane for desalination,and purification of waste water.
> Talus Resources — detection of aquifer contamination from excessive or misplaced fracking (Houston, Texas).
* Conquest of the Land through Seven Thousand Years, by W. C. Lowdermilk ••• What has happened to the soils of our planet, how, who, and why. Thanks to Jim McNelly of Renewable Carbon Management •••. Jim has figured out what it takes to rebuild soils on a massive scale by making use of the network of intermodal shipping terminals and their millions of containers.
> Mycologist, Paul Stamets ••• (glyph 199)
> Windward Foundation ••• : an education & research center
*  Sand County Foundation •••, “the nation’s leading voice for private land conservation” — “Conservation can accomplish its objectives only when it springs from an impelling conviction on the part of private land owners." —Aldo Leopold, conservationist, landowner and author of A Sand County Almanac.
> SWIIM ••• (message from Kevin France, CEO) integrated crop and water management. Regenesis Management Group ••• (creators of the SWIIM technology)
* Ed Warner, Geologist, Philanthropist and Conservationist Dr. Edward M. Warner, speaks on ”Thinking Outside the Box: Energy, Environment, and Community.” Ed is a director of Sand County Foundation, Regenesis Management Group, and of Explorers Foundation.
* Running with Rhinos ••• : a Discover Magazine article about a book by Ed Warner (on the board of directors for Sand County Foundation, Regenesis Management Group (SWIIM), and Explorers Foundation.
* Seed Savers Exchange •••
Enduring Seeds •••, by Gary Paul Nabhan — on the need for biological diversity
* Seed Savers Exchange ••• Conservators, collectors and distributors of heirloom seeds
> John Burroughs, Henry Ford; Louis Bromfield
> Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.
> Adirondack League Club, New York
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