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“The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.” — Louis Pasteur
> 05Feb17: Design of a super-food, reasons for inclusion of each ingredient, article by Jon Barron
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V Recent - from Mercola:
You may not be aware that you actually have two nervous systems:

• Central nervous system, composed of your brain and spinal cord
• Enteric nervous system, which is the intrinsic nervous system of your gastrointestinal tract

Both are created from identical tissue during fetal development—one part turns into your central nervous system while the other develops into your enteric nervous system. These two systems are connected via the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve that runs from your brain stem down to your abdomen. It is now well established that the vagus nerve is the primary route your gut bacteria use to transmit information to your brain.

V Information sources
> Dr. Frank Shallenberger, Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, Jon Barron, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Russell Blaylock
* “Anti-Aging Firewalls: The Science and Technology of Longevity,” ••• by Vince Giuliano ••• (bio)
* LongeCity: Advocacy & Research for unlimited lifespans ••• (about)
> Life Extension Foundation •••
> “Fight Aging” •••
* InvestorStemCell.com ••• — includes free subscription to “This Week in Regenerative Medicine”
* American College for Advancement in Medicine •••
* http://nutritionfacts.org/ — on this site, search for something that interests you, e.g. “inflammation phytates IP-6”
> Fats, Cholesterol, Statins, Cardiovascular Risk: interesting articles:
> Resveratrol-Mimicking Drug Found to Extend Lives of Obese Mice - NYTimes.com August 18, 2011
* Regeneration of Fingers in Marine and Now Thigh Muscle ••• — Posted by iCELL News, on 12th July 2011, in Stem Cell Research - 6/6/17 07:21: site not responding
> Patrick Cox, an excellent researcher on regenerative medicine writes a newsletter, “Transformational Technology Alert,” published by Mauldin Economics. It’s expensive, and of value to investors of a certain speculative style. However, Patrick’s “Tech Digest,” delivered Mon-Sat by email, is available without charge by simple registration •••
> Ketogenic Diets and Cancer
> Aubrey de Grey
> Dr. Joe Mercola (added 28Feb17: Vaccine meeting)
> Blaylock Health Channel •••
> Recommended by Celestine McMahon-Woneis, May 20, 2015
> Political/Economic Issues
* Ezekiel 4:9 - Food for Life ••• “When sprouting occurs, the grain is partially predigested. This creates vitamin nutrients which help your body digest and absorb the healthy content of the grain. As well, the starches have already started being converted into maltose during the sprouting process, reducing the final maltose content and producing a lower glycemic response.”
V Jon Barron ••• — Immune System; Flu (H1N1, H5N1) & a virus inhibitor; Design of a super food; Book on “miracle doctors”; Alkaline water 
* Jon Barron article on enzymes •••
> The Stevia Shibboleth (addressed to the FDA regulators) ••• (full article; excerpts from the end of the article below)
> “Anatomy and Physiology of the Immune System” (two parts)
> Flu & Virus Destruction/Inhibition
* How minerals are absorbed through digestion and then actually used by cells -- or not. This article is the clearest and best I've read on the topic, and although it promotes one of his own products I regard it as completely honest ••• -ls
V A recent article by Jon Barron is the best I've seen on how to think about anti-oxidants. —ls, 01/31/09
> Design of a super-food, reasons for inclusion of each ingredient
> Jon Barron's book - “Lessons From the Miracle Doctors“
> Alkaline water, good or not? This is an excellent example of Jon's way of analyzing things.
> The relationship between cellular pH and voltage, impacts on health, the Tennant Biomodulator and its use •••
> Pleomorphism ••• (Nexus Magazine, April 1992, an article by Christopher Bird, 1991) — “At the heart of science lies discovery which involves a change in worldview. Discovery in science is possible only in societies which accord their citizens the freedom to pursue the truth where it may lead and which therefore have respect for different paths to that truth,” -John Polanyi, Canadian Nobel Laureate (Chemistry); commencement address, McGill University, Montreal, Canada, June 1990
* Jerry Emanuelson’s Life Extension Manual •••, at Futurescience, LLC •••
> Jerry Emanuelson’s Needle Phobia Page •••
> Freedom from governmental restriction on good health services
> Dr. Joseph Mercola •••
* Dr. Robert Jay Rowen, MD - see YouTube Channel “robertrowenmd”
* Methuselah Foundation •••
* Buck Institute for Research on Aging •••
> Roskamp Institute ••• — research on “inflammage” (inflammation damage, immune system related)
* Donnie Yance ••• — Dr. Mercola interviews Donald (“Donnie”) Yance, an internationally known herbalist and nutritionist who founded the Centre for Natural Healing in 1992, and the Mederi Foundation in 2006. Mr. Yance has developed and taught a proprietary diagnostic and therapeutic approach to energetics and nutrition called the Eclectic Triphasic Medical System (ETMS). Here, Mr. Yance will introduce you to his holistic approach and share some of his vast botanical knowledge, including how you can use herbs to restore your health.
* Yoga for those living with Parkinson's disease ••• (Paul & Carolyn Zeiger, Boulder, Colorado)
> Debate over Vaccines and Neurological Damage
* Dr. Jerry Tennant, interviewed by Patrick Timpone, on pH, voltage, health of cells, and the Tennant Biomodulator •••
> Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s “Second Opinion” newsletter (until 2015 written by Dr. Robert Jay Rowen) •••
* Blaylock Wellness Report •••
> Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Stem Cells, Cloning, Regeneration
> Frontier Medical Institute, Golden, Colorado •••
> Balance Point Health — Binx Selby's program to fix blood chemistry •••
> Reg McDaniel — the discovery of glyconutrients
> Inflammation
> Glyphs
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