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V Utah Bill Sets Stage For State Gold Depository -2/8/17 07:03
* ••• Utah Bill Sets Stage For State Gold Depository, Further Encourages Use Of Metals As Money: A bill introduced in the Utah legislature would build on the state’s Legal Tender Act, creating a foundation for further action to encourage the use of gold and silver as money, and take another step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. —Submitted to ZeroHedge •••, by Mike Maharrey via The Tenth Amendment Center •••
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> Books on Money and Banking by Murray N. Rothbard
> Jesús Huerta de Soto ••• —Professor of Political Economy, King Juan Carlos University of Madrid, Spain
> Curent discussions regarding money and banking -11/12/16
> The Cobden Centre •••
> The U.S. Financial Crisis of September 2008
* The School of Salamanca, by Marjorie Grice-Hutchinson ••• (pdf) — 16th century Spanish theologian-economists whose ideas were precursors to those of the modern Austrian School.
V Note on Islamic money and its influence on the West
* During Carolingian times (circa 800 ce) “… the intrinsic vlaue of the Islamic currency was then so generally conceded that a number of European rulers deliberately emulated it both in its weight and its design…” . “… Charlemagne’s last currency issue … precisely matched the Abbasid silver dirham in weight, and even bore Arabic inscriptions from the [Koran] that glorified Allah …” -from Gene Heck’s, CMARC (see bibliography), pg. 228.
V Brazil, India, China, Russia (BRIC)
* “Brazil: menos Marx, mais Mises” ••• - an excellent article on the growing influence of the work of Ludwig von Mises in Brazil. It has been said that breakdown is breakthrough. In Brazil we may have an example
V Michael Hudson, "Dismantling America's Financial-Military Empire", June 13, 2009
V This article is about some of the consequences of ignoring the work of Mises, Rothbard, Huerta de Soto, and other advocates of sound money and honest banking.
V "BRIC Countries Conclude Uneventful Summit", Michael Johnson, June 18, 2009
> Eastman, Hülsmann, Corrigan
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> Free Banking, Larry J. Sechrest
> Tiger by the Tail, F. A. Hayek
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