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explorersfoundation.org/openworld.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
Vortex Openworld is devoted to the creation and flourishing of zones and cities offering freedom, i.e. good systems of governance under which producers are protected from predators, including the providers of the governance system itself.
> Water, added to dry land, allows crops to grow. Freedom, added to land, allows everything to grow.
> Explorers Foundation’s investments in Openworld related ventures.
> An excellent window into the emerging world of special zones is a private Facebook group, “A New Hanseatic League,” founded and curated by Mark Frazier. For access, please contact Leif Smith or Mark Frazier. 4/30/17 (click on the disclosure arrow for a description of the group)
V Free Zones, Free Cities, Gifts on a Beach (inspired by the ancient Phoenicians) - Mark Frazier
This graphic is available as a pdf •••
* Gifts on a Beach ••• —an article by Mark Frazier about how the Phoenicians seeded the Mediterranean with a trading culture, and how we can do something similar today through digital media everywhere.
V Interest and investment in this area is growing rapidly, building on decades of success. A summary is offered by Mark Frazier in a talk ••• to a meeting of the Startup Societies Foundation •••
* Mark Frazier’s work: Openworld.com
* The 2016 Voice & Exit event in Austin, Texas, devoted a day to the idea of free zones and cities — the program for the day ••• (Future Cities Forum)

* A New Hanseatic League — this private Facebook group has been created by Mark Frazier.
V FLOW: liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good — a page of links to the work of Michael Strong, Robert Haywood, Mark Frazier, and others •••
V Samples of the content of the above referenced page:
> A summary of the free zone idea:
* Creating Institutional Software that Works in Iraq: Peace through Secure Land Title •••
> Articles on land and proprietary community by Spencer MacCallum, author of The Art of Community
> History of World Export Processing Zones (WEPZA) — Robert Haywood was key to this for a long time.
> Establishing Free Private Cities: http://freeprivatecities.com
* Establishing Free Private Cities in the 21st Century ••• (Titus Gebel & Frank Karsten)
* Michael Strong, on free cities, startup cities: search on “free cities ‘Michael Strong’”
* Michael Strong's article in November 2011 Freedom's Phoenix, "Creating Libertopia" •••
* “Why Nigeria’s plans for a dream Eldorado city are not radical enough” •••, Gbenga Oduntan, 22 July 2015
* Esther Dyson: competition among cities: “Competition Can Make Cities Better” ••• — “cities are increasingly behaving like companies, becoming intimately involved in their citizens’ quality of life, and, in an increasingly mobile world, competing for ‘customers.’”
* Paul Romer, on poverty, and free cities as a way out •••— an article in Prospect Magazine.
> Alvin Rabushka: “A Free-Market Constitution for Hong Kong: A Blueprint for China,” ••• CATO, 1989 — part of the intellectual history that led to the free cities movement.
> Openworld Institute: innovations for a free, resilient, and generous world ••• — Mark Frazier
* Startup Cities Institute ••• — a project of Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM)
* NYU Urbanization Project: Charter Cities ••• — Paul Romer
* Seasteading Institute ••• — Patri Friedman
* Let A Thousand Nations Bloom ••• — Patri Friedman
> Explorers Foundation glyphs relevant to free zones and cities:
> Entrepreneurial Cities
* "Free Cities: How about global welfare reform?" by Ken Hagerty, 04/08/2008 •••
> Puerta de Anza — A Door to Prosperity ••• - A letter from Ricardo Valenzuela, June 2008
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