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Inscribed in stone above the entry hall of the Chicago Tribune.
All the inscriptions are recorded here ••• (ef glyph 223)
> Changes
V American Colonies: The Communication of Ideas: Postal Service and the Freedom of the Press
* Conceived in Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard, Vol. II, Ch. 27, audio ••• at no charge from Mises Institute
> Sharyl Attkisson •••, author of Stonewalled •••, an account of problems encountered while trying to report the truth.
> “How to be an Ethical, Competent, and Credible Journalist” ••• —a short article by Pat Wagner.
Buenos Aires Herald : A final letter to subscribers, after 140 years of publication, Wednesday October 26th, 2016 provided to us (hand typed) by Albert Turner, Buenos Aires resident, a devoted reader and friendly critic of the Herald.