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February 2017 — 2/18/17
“The Story of the Office For Open Network” •••, by Leif Smith and Pat Wagner
> “The Origami Revolution” ••• “Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions.” — this program was partially funded by David Koch, one of the principals of Koch Industries.
> Jim Bennett recommends “How Europe became rich” ••• by Joel Mokyr.

“All the Queen’s Ships” ••• by James C. Bennett — award winning essay for
the U.S. Naval Institute •••, published in their “Proceedings” ••• this January.
* “Politics is destroying your soul” ••• by Aaron Ross Powell — about what must be fixed in our approach to social change. “Politics doesn’t just make the world around us worse. It makes us worse, as well.”
* “The End of Politics” ••• by Max Borders, who writes: “As We Exit Politics, Our Values Will Change for the Better” ••• — Max is one of the founders of a noteworthy event held in Austin, Texas, Voice & Exit •••
* Interview with Ricardo Valenzuela, inspiration for and co-evolver of vortex Zorro, devoted to the entrepreneurial spirits of Northern Mexico.
* The story of Dagny Taggart, told in an evolving cartoon drawing •••
* Excellent review ••• by James McCormick of Bennett’s Anglosphere Challenge.
* “The principles of liberty are not culturally bound.” —Tom Palmer, in “Freedom Is the Birthright of All Humanity” ••• January 5, 2017. Remarkable essay. To see what I mean, start reading with the footnotes, which for me were so engaging and revelatory that a study of the entire essay seemed essential. Palmer is one of the great teachers of freeorder, and he has personally touched almost every country in the world. -ls 2/12/17 07:17
V Karl Popper’s work - an excellent collection of articles on Rafe Champion’s site ••• 2/12/17
* See also Philosophy and the Real World ••• by Brian Magee, on Karl Popper, published by Open Court. Popper
* The Road from Mont Pèlerin: The Making of the Neoliberal Thought Collective, by Philip Mierkowski 2/11/17
* https://www.libertarianism.org/publications/essays/freedom-is-birthright-all-humanity — important article by Tom Palmer ••• (one of the great teachers of freeorder, world-wide) 2/12/17
* Zorro, added 2/11/17: The work of Jeffrey Max Jones in Mexico.
V B. F. Johnson’s “Freedom Glow” ••• has written about the article on Brazil, mentioned here in January.
* “Brazil: menos Marx, mais Mises” ••• - an excellent article on the growing influence of the work of Ludwig von Mises in Brazil. It has been said that breakdown is breakthrough. In Brazil we may have an example
* 559: Freedom Glow: a venture traced in patterns of light - sparks from this forge will travel
* ••• Utah Bill Sets Stage For State Gold Depository, Further Encourages Use Of Metals As Money: A bill introduced in the Utah legislature would build on the state’s Legal Tender Act, creating a foundation for further action to encourage the use of gold and silver as money, and take another step toward breaking the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money. —Submitted to ZeroHedge by Mike Maharrey via The Tenth Amendment Center. Mulligan
* Simone de Beauvoir, on happiness: Eudaemonia
* Article by Thomas Sowell.: DeVos ••• would be good for education because she wants parents & children to have freedom to choose.
* The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) has been and remains one of the great foundation stones for the emergence of freeorder, now accelerating all over the world. This video ••• tells the story. Archer
V The last coins issued by Emperor Charlemagne (9th c.) bore Arabic inscriptions that glorified Allah. Mulligan
* A Dynamic Map of World Trade and Shipping •••, showing movement of every commercial cargo ship for a year. Like the first photo of the earth from space, this is consciousness altering.
January 2017
* “Brazil: menos Marx, mais Mises” ••• - an excellent article on the growing influence of the work of Ludwig von Mises in Brazil. It has been said that breakdown is breakthrough. In Brazil we may have an example
* The economics of Ludwig von Mises describes what happens when the results of all labor remain in the control of the producer until that person destroys them, exchanges them, or gives them away. It's the economics of total non-exploitation of any person by any other person. Marx could not get it right because he used only a labor theory of value and did not understand time preference. See http://mises.org
* freeorder is a simple word for an extremely complex emergence, useful precisely because the emergence is so complex, comprising usually invisible interactions between things that seem today to have nothing in common, but that in the future will be understood to have shared common elements of great potency. freeorder
V Brexit, Anglosphere, CANZUK Union - Dick Morris, a short video ••• summing it up.
* This pattern of ideas was found in The Anglosphere Challenge, by James C. Bennett, 2004: Anglosphere
* Emmanuel Todd, family types - two articles by Brian Micklethwait on Emmanuel Todd added to Anglosphere
* Steve Alexander sent an article by Newt Gingrich, “Trumpism explained.” It has been added to Guardian.
* Meeting with Ed Warner, Sand Country Foundation •••, about collaborative conservation.
* Discussions about ConsenSys.net and Elliott Jaques “requisite hierarchy.”
* Updated glyph 400 ••• on vortices & freeorder.
* “2017: When Ethereum Will Go From IT to Enterprise” ••• by Jeremy Millar, published by CoinDesk •••, Jan 9, 2017. “Ethereum is, arguably, the most commonly used blockchain technology for enterprise development today.”
* Interesting article ••• by Paul Deiessen and Roger Bezdek: Land subsidence caused by aquifer depletion responsible for much flooding, not a rise in sea levels.
* Reading full presentation of Mark Frazier’s “Leading with a Gift” concept. Mark just back from Antigua forum. This will be added to Openworld 1/23/17
> One of the world’s most important meetings, held annually by Universidad Francisco Marroquin •••, is now underway: The Antigua Forum •••, January 19-22.
V Harold Jarche’s diagram ••• of the “network learning model,” in one instance, brilliantly applies the general principles summed by the word freeorder.
* Pasted_Graphic_3
V Mike Lotus ••• found this: The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian •••, by Nirad C. Chadhurui •••
* Introduction ••• by Ian Jack. Mike says this book has a lot to offer for anyone interested in the Anglosphere.
* “How to be an Ethical, Competent, and Credible Journalist” ••• —short article by Pat Wagner
* A friend has pointed out to me the problem of immunity from suit granted to government officials. This is something that candidates of parties of no party could offer to do something about. More on this later. -ls
> Blockchain (perhaps Ethereum) based registries and the future of governance.
> The Institute for Justice (IJ) ••• has made teaching African hair braiding legal in Dallas, Texas.
> An article on the capture of the FDA by the companies it is supposed to regulate, by Jonathan Emord, the attorney responsible for the fact that we can be told, on labels, that folic acid may help prevent birth defects.
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