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V steemit dot com postings (experimental)
freeorder — a brief introduction” posted to leifsmith’s account at steemit.com, 18 May 2017:
“Open Network & Weavers of Freeorder” posted to leifsmith’s account at steemit.com, 27 May 2017:
June 2017
* Added to, updated Vortex Leopold : soil, water, air, flora, fauna, geneosphere vLeopold
* A subway-style map of Roman Empire roads circa 125 A.D. •••
V The source of the above entry, worth visiting: http://kottke.org/about/
“Founded in 1998, kottke.org is one of the oldest blogs on the web. It’s written and produced by Jason Kottke and covers the essential people, inventions, performances, and ideas that increase the collective adjacent possible of humanity. Frequent topics of interest among the 26,000+ posts include art, technology, science, visual culture, design, music, cities, food, architecture, sports, endless nonsense, and carefully curated current events, all of it lightly contextualized. Basically, it’s the world’s complete knowledge, relentlessly filtered through my particular worldview, with all the advantages and disadvantages that entails.”
V DaVinci Institute ••• sent this email about a talk on money, blockchain, bitcoin, Ethereum, 20 June:
Night with a Futurist: The Future of Your Money
Exchanging value is as old as human history. Yet innovative new currencies such as Bitcoin, and Ethereum are creating new ways to perform this age-old task. Influential voices are calling for an end to paper money and a guaranteed minimum income. No one knows who created it or why blockchain could have as big an impact on the Financial Services Industry, as the self-driving car will have on the Auto Industry.  What is the future of currency, and what will your money look like in the future?
FEATURED SPEAKER: In the spirit of the unknown creator of Bitcoin, our presenter wishes to remain anonymous.  He has extensive experience in finance and technology and has consulted with over 250 financial institutions including Bain & Company, Carlyle Group, Credit Suisse, Fidelity, Janus, JPMorgan, Silver Lake Technology Management, and TIAA-CREF. He has been quoted in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times and MIT Technical Review among other publications and is author of a book about the digitization of wealth.
* Jim Bennett will speak on the Anglosphere “Fact” at the British Academy in London, Thursday, June 15. The talk will offer an overview of the evolution of the Anglosphere concept and the uses to which it has been put over the last hundred and fifty years. vAnglosphere
V Ed Warner’s report on the Smithsonian’s Earth Optimism Summit: https://news.mongabay.com/2017/05/should-we-be-optimistic-about-the-future-of-the-earth/
Ed’s conclusion: “After my talk, I was bombarded by Summit participants who wanted to tell me their own tales of successful collaborative conservation. Here I was, at a meeting where about 1,500 participants were talking a language that included the concepts of working together, of developing and passing on successes that could be used by other groups. Talk after talk was about positive approaches to problems that the public, informed by a national media (whose business model is ‘disasters sell advertising’), thought were impossible to solve.

“So here’s what I learned at the Smithsonian Summit: we are not going extinct. We have the capacity to solve, through changes in behavior and technology, the current negative impacts humanity is having on the Earth. Each of us needs to do our part. Get out there and volunteer. Support conservation locally while you think globally. Invest in new technologies. Have heart, but at the same time, use your brains.”
V Colorado Committee of Three Million (contra sale of public lands)
* Colorado Headwaters is a C3 and just got letter for IRS to move forward. We will start in South Park. [from Jerry Mallett] http://cc3mil.com
V Behavioral ‘Nudges’ Offer a Cost-Effective Policy Tool ••• - News - Harvard Business School
* “Nudges – which are now being tested and implemented by government agencies in the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States – diverge from traditional policy tools in that they encourage certain behaviors without restricting an individual’s options or exacting financial penalties.” [in an article sent by Stephanie West Allen]
V American Colonies: The Communication of Ideas: Postal Service and the Freedom of the Press
* Conceived in Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard, Vol. II, Ch. 27, audio ••• Mises Institute •••
* Added to vSheridan (freedom of expression)
V Mushrooms
V Nammex ••• nutritional products, organic mushrooms and extracts - thanks to Brian Keating •••
Sage Group®, is a consultancy and think-tank focused upon the specialty tea and natural products industries. Brian Keating and his global network of experts, also publish various business-to-business reports for the world-wide specialty tea and natural products industries, including the Specialty Tea Is "Hot" Report®.
Sage Group® Project examples •••
* Paul Stamets ••• & Fungi Perfecti •••
* The Hidden Life of Trees •••, by Peter Wohlleben
V George Ayittey, “The Non-Sustainability of Rwanda’s Economic Miracle” •••
* Abstract: “Emerging out of the horrific spasm of genocide that claimed more than 800,000 of the minority Tutsi ethnic group in 1994, Rwanda has chalked up some spectacular economic performance. Its rate of economic growth has averaged 8% since 2001 and it is among the fastest growing economies in East Africa. Poverty rates have been halved and Rwanda is one of the very few African countries that was able to achieve the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It also has the highest representation of women in Parliament.

“This paper, however, argues that impressive though Rwanda’s economic performance might be, it is not sustainable. First, it is heavily dependent upon foreign aid, making it vulnerable to fluctuations in aid. Second, the Asian Tiger economic model Rwanda copied from Singapore-development under authoritarianism—has failed miserably in postcolonial Africa. No dictator—civilian, military nor rebel—has brought lasting prosperity to any African country. Third, the other types of reform Rwanda needs to sustain its economic achievement—intellectual, political, constitutional and institutional reforms—are petulantly missing. How these reforms are sequenced is also critically important. Focusing only on economic liberalization to the detriment of the other reforms amounts to putting the cart before the horse. Finally and most disconcerting of all, in his understandable zeal to prevent another genocide, Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame is unwittingly re-creating the very conditions that led to the 1994 genocide—a supreme irony.” -Journal of Management and Sustainability
May 2017
> To be added:
V From Stephanie West Allen - writing well; good contracts
V Writing well - how to understand and use reader expectations:
* Making reader expectations available to writers: Stephanie West Allen •••, interviewing ••• (audio, 49 minutes) Dr. George Gopen, focuses the discussion with this quotation from Dr. Gopen: “All I do for my living these days is to make expectations that are instinctive, subconscious, to readers available to writers.”
V Conscious Contracts - a new framework for handling disputes:
* Conscious Contracts ••• - “… take an entirely new approach to negotiating and drafting contracts, allowing creative and socially conscious entrepreneurs and enterprises to express their shared vision, mission and values. This method provides the parties a completely new framework for handling disputes, one that allows them to remain in the driver's seat in times of crisis, dealing effectively with disputes and disruption while staying aligned with their core principles.”
Stephanie West Allen, JD
Denver, CO USA
Jim Bennett writes, “I will be in the UK between June 14th and 20th, speaking at a British Academy event on the Anglosphere on the 15th. I am open to putting together an informal meet-up somewhere in central London over the following weekend (17th-18th).”
‘Political “Left” and “Right” Properly Defined’ •••, June 26, 2012, by Craig Biddle •••, in “The Objective Standard” ••• (subscription required to read complete current articles, but not needed for those linked here). The accompanying chart proposes a new and corrected political spectrum:
Craig Biddle’s critique of the Nolan Chart •••
> Getting the right people on a venture bus, the wrong people off, and everyone in the right seat. A brilliant analogy by Jim Collins, presented in his article •••, “First Who - Get the Right People on the Bus,” taken from his book, Good to Great •••. A tool for managing the bus: Emergenetics •••
Top climate scientists vs. Christopher Monckton (coral reefs):
“Climate scientists eviscerate Lord Monckton’s attempt to disinform the U.S. Congress: Here, a number of top climate scientists have thoroughly refuted all of Mr. Monckton’s major assertions, clearly demonstrating a number of obvious and elementary errors.” •••
One of Monckton’s errors is described this way: “Ancient corals and other life forms were able to adapt to high carbon dioxide concentrations because they have had millions of years to react to slower, natural climate change. Monckton ignores the vast difference in the rate of these changes compared to the present rate; he incorrectly argues that the present rapid increase in carbon dioxide is harmless.”
V Now start at page 92 of “Carbon Dioxide and Earth’s Future” ••• and read a few pages:
Interesting: ‘Baker suggested that these findings “support the view that coral bleaching can promote rapid response to environmental change by facilitating compensatory change in algal symbiont communities. Without bleaching, as he continued, “suboptimal host-symbiont combinations persist, leading eventually to significant host mortality.” Consequently, Baker proposed that coral bleaching may “ultimately help reef corals to survive.” And it may also explain why reefs, though depicted by climate alarmists as environmentally fragile, have survived the large environmental changes experienced throughout geologic time.’ -pg. 96
* If it doesn’t take millions of years for coral to respond to environmental change then the criticism of Monckton by the climate scientists, cited above, might be reexamined. -ls
A new academic hoax: a bogus paper on “the conceptual penis” gets published in a “high quality peer-reviewed” social science journal:
CoinDesk ••• is proud to present our 3rd annual blockchain technology summit •••, May 22-24, 2017 at the New York Marriott Marquis. Consensus 2017 will feature 100+ speakers and 2,000+ attendees from the leading industry startups, investors, financial institutions, enterprise tech leaders, and academic and policy groups who are building the foundations of the blockchain and digital currency economy.
* Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and the World ••• , by Don & Alex Tapscott, 2016). Don Tapscott, TED •••
V The Smithsonian Earth Optimism Summit ••• , April 21-23, 2017, was attended by Ed Warner •••, author of Running with Rhinos: Stories from a Radical Conservationist •••, who wrote this report ••• on the Summit for Mongabay •••
Pasted_Graphic_8— A good book! -ls (the author is Chairman of Explorers Foundation)
* Interview ••• with Ed Warner, including this: Conservation without sustainable livelihoods for the people living with iconic wild creatures will not succeed. A rhino must be seen as more valuable alive than dead.
Conrad Black, an aside on drugs, within an article ••• about Maxim Bernier and Canadian politics: “(I am for legalizing all drugs, with compulsory treatment of hard drug addicts, because the war on drugs has been a crushing defeat for society, and government — rather than the criminal community — should have the revenue from it.)”
> Lord Christopher Monckton on the EU and why the U.K. needed to leave, from his article •••, “Thank You, America!” June 24, 2016 (the day after Brexit).
> The encyclical “Mit brennender Sorge” (With Burning Anxiety), Pope Pius XI, March 14, 1937, was one of the first statements in opposition to Nazi Germany. It was referenced by Christopher Monckton in a recorded interview about Brexit. The encyclical was originally in German (English •••)
Taliesin Nexus •••: “The mission of Taliesin Nexus is to identify, develop, and promote talented young filmmakers who share a belief in the importance of free markets, individual liberty, and the values of the American founding.”
> Greece: Economics In One Lesson, by Henry Hazlitt, Greek translation, 1,500 copies, sells out in two months.
* UK/EU Negotiations after Brexit - Dan Hannan on the good prospects for new agreement ••• (video) vAnglosphere
April 2017
* Explorers Foundation is the name of a freeorder generator, a forge (acronym), based in Denver, Colorado.
* Articles ••• by Daniel Hannan ••• published by Conservative Home, London.
V The Liberty Summit •••, Tirana, Albania, April 7-9, 2017
* An important conference because of the quality, intent, speakers •••, partners •••
“Remembering The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Today: A daughter of the resistance notes the true inspiration of the survivors: their refusal to disconnect from the past” ••• (Tablet Magazine •••)
* “Rupert Brooke, My Favorite Anti-Semite” •••, by Alexander Aciman (Tablet Magazine •••)
* Oath Keepers •••, retired and active police and military, sworn to uphold the Constitution of the USA have been appearing at public speeches with the mission to protect free speech. They seem to be saying, “This is America. Come and speak. We will protect you if necessary.” They respect, and defer to, regular police and retained security. vGuardian
> The Hopkin Thomas Project ••• on the history of steam engines. These records were (perhaps still are, but I can’t find them) on the University of Rochester’s website.
V "Serenity" ••• an essay by Charles Morgan, in Morgan’s The Writer and his World: Lectures and Essays (London: Macmillan, 1960)
> Charles Morgan, at the end of his essay, “Serenity” : “Now let us consider other great words that are sick. ‘Order’, for example. Why has it become dissociated from ‘Liberty’? Or ‘Beauty’. By the conspiracy of what guttersnipes has it been drawn into contempt?”
* Paul Signorelli ••• comments, “That is fabulous. … opening another door to a writer whose artistry through the use of language and deeply reflective thinking puts the rest of us to shame...if we don't set our sights on the same celestial realms to which he offers to take us. … shared the link via Twitter and Facebook. Let's see what we can help inspire.”
* Responsibility Reborn, A Citizen’s Guide to the Next Century •••, by John Andrews, 2011. Review ••• by Dick Morris.
> Heretic: Why Islam Needs a Reformation Now ••• (HarperCollinsPublishers), by Ayaan Hirsi Ali ••• (George Will, 2006) vIjtihad
> Islam and the Discovery of Freedom •••, by Rose Wilder Lane, with an introduction and commentary by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D., Minaret of Freedom Institute •••
A great performance of Dvorak’s Cello Concerto 🎼, du Pré, Barenboim, Chicago - on YouTube. Ads may appear at the start and between movements. Be ready to turn sound off.
* Rose Wilder Lane ••• wrote the first biography ••• (Gutenberg) of Henry Ford, published in 1917. Available on iTunes in audio form. An article ••• in the New Yorker about RWL says of this work, “Henry Ford repudiated a portrait of himself that he couldn’t recognize.” My guess is that some of Ford’s compatriots would have had less trouble with it. Garet Garrett’s biography of Ford, The Wild Wheel ••• (Mises Institute provides a pdf without charge), is superb.
* Rose Wilder Lane, Isabel Patterson, Ayn Rand, “Three Women Who Launched a Movement” — a series of articles ••• on these writers and their work.
* A short note, “Ghiberti's Bronze Doors, a Work of Forty-Eight Years,” by Michael Strong •••, is published as g517. Ghiberti seems to have lived a life comparable to Ford’s in it’s concentration on a single idea.
* Blockchain Revolution, by Don and Alex Tapscott
V Mosab Hassan Yousef’s talk ••• given at a YPO/WPO ••• event @ the Museum of Tolerance ••• Los Angeles, on March 15, 2012 during a debate on religious extremism. This is an important and profound talk, relying on Plato’s allegory of the cave ••• where shadows are mistaken for reality.
Pasted_Graphic_7 ••• — the introduction ends at 2:50
* Integrating forges, like EF, make connections regarded as essential to the emergence of freeorder. Example: Connect Mosab Hassan Yousef with Rafe Champion’s website •••, hosting excellent articles on the philosophy of Karl Popper and William Warren Bartley III. If you have done this already, please let us know, otherwise we’ll see if we can get it done. -ls
V Paul Stamets, Mycologist: g199
* Mycorestoration of Abandoned Logging Roads •••
V Windward Foundation •••, restorers and conservators of marginal lands.
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