Vortex freeorder : a concept of fundamental importance for explorers
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explorersfoundation.org/freeorder.html — a vortex is a region of Explorers Foundation research and investment.
freeorder is a single word, made by welding together free & order so that they may never again become separated.
Explorers Foundation uses freeorder to express our conviction that orders arising from freedom work best for people intent on using their full powers of imagination, reason, and action in pursuit of their own happiness, and in service to people and things they love.
Explorer: anyone who aspires to make fullest and best use of all available information in order to accomplish something personally meaningful, and who perseveres in manifesting this aspiration, undaunted by difficulties and failures.
V Two definitions of freeorder:
* What’s good for explorers, within each of us and among us.
> A balance among designed and spontaneous orders that serves quest.
The word freeorder may come to convey the hope and assurance brought by the word spring spoken in midst of hard winter.
freeorder is a simple word for an extremely complex emergence, useful precisely because the emergence is so complex, comprising usually invisible interactions between things that seem today to have nothing in common, but that in the future will be understood to have shared common elements of great potency.
V freeorder does not mean spontaneous order: if it did there would be no need for the word.
> freeorder is not a synonym for “results of human action but not of human design.” See the work of F. A. Hayek on the differences between designed and spontaneous order, especially chapter 2, “Taxis and Cosmos”, of Law, Legislation and Liberty. Confusion of freeorder with spontaneous order indicates failure to comprehend the importance of design and requisite hierarchy.
> A Diagram of Kinds of Order: freeorder: the missing piece in the confusion between natural and human made orders
* “The Story of the Office for Open Network” ••• : between 1975 and 2000, an experimental freeorder generator ran in Denver as a small business.
> Definitions and uses of the word freeorder: 1/16/17
A note to forge builders and weavers of freeorder
> Added recently: 11/12/16 object-oriented software design
* Glyph 542 on freeorder
> More on freeorder: 1/26/17: Pattern Language
> We will not catalyze the emergence of a world fit for explorers nor fit ourselves well to live in such a world unless banners fly and songs are sung.
> Below this point there is no attempt organization (as if it would make a difference :-)