Explorers & Freeorder — how they are related

Explorers names persons with strong imagination, curiosity, wonder; lovers of many and varied aspects of the world, who with focus and persistence do something about or with those things.

Freeorder names what's good for explorers within each of us and among us.

freeorder is the vision and concept guiding Explorers Foundation. It welds together free & order with the intention that they never again become separated.

freeorder expresses the idea that orders arising from freedom work best for all of us intent on using our fullest powers of imagination, reason, and action in pursuit of happiness and in service to people and things we love.

Two definitions of freeorder

  • What's good for explorers within each of us and among us.
  • A balance among designed and spontaneous orders that serves quest, venture, and error correction.

The conjecture implied by the second definition is that Hayek's insights into kinds of order are useful in thought and productive in action, and will remain so as the world of freeorder evolves.

The word quest indicates an aesthetics guided pattern of explorations. The romantic implications of the word are fundamental.

The emergence of freeorder, within each of us and among us depends on balances of romantic idealism and critical rationalism.

We are liberal (in the original and future meaning) in that we are for the freedom of every individual to imagine, think, act, and collaborate; and we are conservative to the extent that what is to be conserved is exactly the same freedom. This requires saying "no" to many visible good things, and thereby protecting invisible good things.