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"An Anglosphere Primer", by James C. Bennett

©2001, 2002 by James C. Bennett, Presented to the Foreign Policy Research Institute

"The Anglosphere Primer" introduced the concept of the "Anglosphere". The article was hosted originally on the website of Pattern Research, Denver, Colorado, and attracted significant readership because of links provided by bloggers, among whom were Glenn Reynolds, of Instapundit, and Andrew Sullivan.

"The Third Anglosphere Century," by James C. Bennett, a Heritage paper published online November 2007:

In October 2004, Bennett's book, The Anglosphere Challenge was published. The Explorers Foundation helped finance the publication of this book and we continue to work with Jim Bennett on these ideas.

A bibliographcial essay published with The Anglosphere Challenge: Why the English Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century will be found at: — A fascinating commentary on books that influenced Bennett's development of the network commonwealth and Anglosphere concepts. -leif

Albion's Seedlings weblog: — 30Nov09: this blog has not been updated since October 13, 2007, but it is a valuable discussion of the ideas in the The Anglosphere Challenge.
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