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Dirk J. Struik (1894 - 2000)

author of Yankee Science in the Making

Review of Yankee Science in the Making taken from the website of Martin J. Donnelly,

'Yankee Science in the Making, by Dirk J. Struik. 544 Pages. Softbound. This fascinating book details the development of science in New England from Colonial times to the Civil War. Brimming with carefully researched facts, this study traces the development and growth of steam navigation, steam, water and electricity, advances in medical knowledge, the great naturalists, and much more. It also details the great contributions of people like Ben Franklin, Eli Whitney, George Washington, etc. and how they began to transform the American landscape. A new post-script by the author and supplementary bibliography complete this illuminating work'.

This is a remarkable and fascinating book. -leif

The life of Dirk Struik, as related in an interview given at age 103:

Dirk J. Struik - biographical
The Tech, online edition, Volume 120, ssue 54, October 31, 2000
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