glyph 135: Bertrand Russell ... reverence, inspiration . survival depends on differences . liberty, respect for others . vitality vs. mechanism


Deep impulse of reverence - Bertrand Russell, 1917

individuality brings differences and uniformity means death

Those who realize harm can be done to others by any use of force
against them, and the worthlessness of the goods that can be acquired
by force, will be very full of respect for the liberty of others;
they will not try to bind them or fetter them; they will be slow to judge
and swift to sympathize; they will treat every human being with a kind
of tenderness, because the principle of good in him
is at once fragile and infinitely precious.

They will not condemn those who are unlike themselves;
they will know and feel that individuality brings differences
and uniformity means death.

They will wish each human being to be as much a living thing
and as little a mechanical product as it is possible to be;
they will cherish in each one just those things
which the harsh usage of a ruthless world would destroy.

In one word, all their dealings with others will be inspired
by a deep impulse of reverence.

Bertrand Russell, Political Ideals (1917)

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