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Zamyatin and Rand

Yevgeny Zamyatin - Influence on Ayn Rand?

A fascinating essay by Peter Saint-André exploring a possible Russian influence on the life and work of Ayn Rand. —leif

Quoted from Saint-André's essay:

Other than perhaps Gorky, Yevgeny Zamyatin was probably the most influential writer in Russia (and specifically in Petersburg, as he insisted on calling his adopted city) in the years immediately following the Russian Revolution. Today Zamyatin is best-known for his dystopian novel We (written in 1920-1921, read at a meeting of the All-Russia Writer's Union in 1923, published in English translation in 1924, used as inspiration by George Orwell in writing 1984, but never printed in the Soviet Union).

There are fascinating articles related to Ayn Rand in Peter's collection, such as "Why Objectivists Don't Read We the Living?"
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