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The Powered Hand: The History of Black & Decker, by Otto J. Scott

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The Powered Hand: The History of Black & Decker, 305 pages, including Notes and Index, Uncommon Books, Seattle, Wash., 1994.

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This is an unvarnished but admiring history of the rise of the world's greatest toolmaker. This includes all its vicissitudes from 1910 until 1986. Its present CEO, Nolan Archibald, a contemporary man, refused to have his own tenure described. But the dismissal of two of his predecessors at the helm is included. So is the working lifetimes of former CEO's S. Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker, Robert Black and Alonzo Decker, Jr.

We note that business histories are held in literary disdain in modern America, just as are businessmen in general. Otto Scott considers that a stupid opinion. Our civilization is sustained by businessmen, just as the barons and the bishops built the civilization of the Middle Ages.

Literary types prefer poets and troubadours. But these did not protect the peasants from danger, nor build the castles and cathedrals, water mills, or towns. Businessmen today are the true heirs of the barons. They employ the scientists as well as the artists of our time.

To fail to understand and respect those who sustain families and work is to turn against the realities of our lives. No serious writer does that.

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