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Islam and the Discovery of Freedom, by Rose Wilder Lane

Published by Minaret of Freedom Institute

From the book:

... the returning Crusaders brought back to Europe the first idea of a gentleman that Europeans had ever had. Until they invaded the Saracens' civilization, they had never known that a strong man need not be brutal. The Saracens were splendid fighters when they fought, but they were not cruel; they did not torture their prisoners, they did not kill the wounded. In their own country, they did not persecute the Christians. They were brave men, but they were gentle. They were honorable, they told the truth, they kept their word.

The Mineret of Freedom Institute:

Islam and the Discovery of Freedom

by Rose Wilder Lane

with an Introduction and Commentary by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Ph.D.

The Minaret of Freedom's internationally known scholar on Islam and politics provides scriptural and historical documentation to a leading American libertarian writer's brilliant insight into the role of the classical Islamic civilization in establishing liberty and human rights. This highly readable book is a "must-have" for anyone interested in what Islam teaches about political, social and economic order. Non-Muslims will be astonished at the contrast between the classical Islamic society and the image of the Muslim world today. Muslim parents will especially want their high school and college-aged children to read about their heritage and its implications for the modern world. This book squarely confronts the question of what made the classical Islamic society so dynamic and productive and the role it played in the rise of modern values in the West.

The Minaret of Freedom:
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