glyph 271: Scottish Enlightenment . spontaneous order . James R. Otteson . Greek philosophy, Protagoras ... evolutionary biology ... origins of the concept of freeorder ... Adam Smith, David Hume ... unintended order ... designed order, spontaneous order, composite order, freeorder ... anglosphere, anglospheria


"Protagoras Resurrected", by James R. Otteson

Social and Political Theory in the Scottish Enlightenment

Found in the cv of James R. Otteson, January 16, 2006.

Protagoras Resurrected: Social and Political Theory in the Scottish Enlightenment (in manuscript). In this book I examine the model developed by eighteenth-century Scottish thinkers for understanding large-scale human social institutions, and I connect their findings with recent investigations in evolutionary biology, game theory, empirical linguistics, and conflict resolution. I argue that the Scots prefigured many contemporary discoveries and that they did so by recovering a largely lost tradition of historical and sociological inquiry perhaps first associated with Protagoras.

And, from the part of the cv called "Talks and Lectures"

5. 'Understanding Human Social Orders: The Contribution of the Scottish Enlightenment,' New York University Department of Economics, November 2004.

6. 'Unintended Order and Coordination Problems: The Contribution of Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment,' Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, July 2004.

7. 'The Scottish Enlightenment and the Theory of ÔSpontaneous Order,'' Interdisciplinary History of Ideas Seminar, University of Stirling, Scotland, May 2004.

8. 'David Hume and the Impossibility of Moral Judgments,' University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Department of Philosophy, March 2004.

9. 'Solving Coordination Problems: Adam Smith and ÔSpontaneous Order,'' delivered to the Seminar on Scottish Philosophy, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, March 2004.

10. 'Unintended-Order Explanations in Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment,' invited lecture at conference entitled 'The Idea of Spontaneous Order: Origins, Development, and Applications,' Utah State University, March 2004.

11. 'The Scottish Enlightenment and the Theory of Spontaneous Order,' delivered to the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2003.

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