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Hong Kong - Freedom's Beachhead in China

Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong

The Fall 2005 Newsletter for the Atlas Network features an interview by Jo Kwong with Andrew Work, executive director of Hong Kong's Lion Rock Institute. Mr. Work says the following:

Hong Kong is freedom's beachhead in China. The freedoms we have are being carefully watched by those in Shanghai, Beijing, Chongching and around the region. What we have, they want. If it works for Hong Kong, it will be impossible to deny for the Chinese. Anyone seeking to transform China should start in Hong Kong.


... academics in China are beginning to pick up on our Chinese language work and reach out to us. Our work is deliberately focused just in Hong Kong, but as freedom's beachhead in China, we seem to be having an influence north of the border. The freedoms we have are freedoms that people in China want.

Atlas Economic Research Foundation publishes a quarterly newsletter for the Atlas Network.

The history of Atlas is one of the fascinating and inspiring parts of the modern phase of the emergence of Freeorder. -leif

The Lion Rock in the history of Hong Kong and more about the Lion Rock Institute
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