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Ignatius Loyola on Epistemology

a kind of certainty

Claudio Veliz writes of the early days of the Counter-Reformation and quotes Ignatius Loyola on the Compañêa de Jesús :

... what distinguished the Compañêa most tellingly during those critical decades was the importance it assigned to its novel vow of obedience. "Other religious associations," wrote Loyola, "may exceed us in fastings, in vigils, and the like rigorous observences; it behoves our brethren to be preeminent in true and absolute obedience, in abnegation of all individual will and judgment," and to make his meaning absolutely clear, he added that "obedience must be cultivated ... first to the Pope, then to superiors ... to keep ourselves right in all things we ought to hold this point: what I see as white I would believe black if the heirarchical Church determined it so." [footnote refers to Aveling, Jesuits, 120]

The New World of the Gothic Fox: Culture and Economy in English and Spanish Speaking America, Claudio Veliz (University of California Press, 1994).
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