glyph 325: An inspiring but deeply saddening example of principled resistance to tyranny . this series of short documents is of historical importance for anyone committed to liberty ... the warriors of The White Rose should never be forgotten.


Communications of The White Rose

heroic resistance to Nazi tyranny, Germany, 1940s

From Liberty Fund:

The Six Pamphlets of the White Rose : Public domain content presented and distributed freely on the Web by, at Paul Jacob's Common Sense, 2015.

Past, Present, and Thought — the words of Benedetto Croce, found at Common Sense the day the above was published:

We are products of the past and we live immersed in the past, which encompasses us. How can we move towards the new life, how create new activities without getting out of the past and without placing ourselves above it? And how can we place ourselves above the past if we are in it and it is in us? There is no other way out except through thought, which does not break off relations with the past but rises ideally above it and converts it into knowledge.

Benedetto Croce was an Italian philosopher and outspoken anti-fascist. He called his political philosophy "liberism."
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