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Education for Explorers, the Socratic Strategy

the work of Ronald Gross

Ron is widely-recognized as the leading champion of lifelong learning. He is the author of 20 books starting with The Lifelong Learner (Simon and Schuster) which first popularized that term, and most recently PEAK LEARNING: How to Create Your Own Lifelong Education Program for Personal Enlightenment and Professional Success (Tarcher/Putnam). PEAK LEARNING is the best-selling book worldwide for non-traditional learners, and is provided as a handbook for all students of the largest on-line higher learning organization, the University of Phoenix.

Ron currently (2007) co-chairs the University Seminar on Innovation in Education, at Columbia University in New York City. ... (continued, with much additional material at above link)

National Coalition for Deliberaton & Dialogue has a few posts about Ronald Gross:>

International Adult Continuing Education Hall of Fame

Ron has appeared at many events as Socrates, provoking worthwhile discussion at events, providing catalysis for surprising insights. Although he brings his own can of diet hemlock it is best to keep a supply on hand.

Monthly Socrates Salons, Great Neck, New York (as of December 2006).

Founder and moderator of the University Seminar on Innovation in Education, at Columbia University.

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Socrates Way, by Ronald Gross

Socrates Salon begins in Rome, Italy, 5 October 2005
December 29, 2006; edited/updated November 25, 2016

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