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The Lion Rock

Hong Kong and The Lion Rock Institute

In the 1950's, hundreds of thousands came to Hong Kong hoping for freedom and a better life. They settled in droves on the slopes of Hong Kong's geographical centre — Lion Rock.

The timeless classic from the 70's by Roman Tam, Under the Lion Rock, tells the story of these people who built Hong Kong while finding their individual fortune. The spirit of a community supported the individual efforts of those seeking freedom and prosperity. The Lion Rock still resonates with the people of Hong Kong, symbolizing the strength of the people, hope for freedom and individual courage. The name of our institute honours the generation that built Hong Kong into the greatest city in Asia.

The Lion Rock Institute was founded in 2004 by three men with a concern for the future of the city and home they love. Creeping socialism is eroding our freedoms. Hong Kong's special place as one of the freest economies in the world must be protected and expanded.


The Institute will:


Atlas Economic Research Foundation

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March 11, 2007; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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