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Women's Empowerment Free Zones

freedom added to low-valued land creates wealth to fund trusts

Michael Strong, of FLOW, and Mark Frazier, of Openworld, have produced a fascinating document, "Creating an Effective Alliance Around Women's Empowerment Free Zones", published in June 2007 through "FLOW Vision News". The addition of freedom to land is as wealth producing as is the additon of water to fertile but dessicated soils. Michael and Mark show how it can be done, and how the wealth created can be passed into the hands of women and children throughout the world. Explorers Foundation has had a part to play in this and we will continue to support it. -leif smith

A pdf file of the complete document may be retrieved from:

"Creating an Effective Alliance Around Women's Empowerment Free Zones" begins:

Document Purpose and Audience

This document is designed as an initial communication on the concept of Women's Empowerment Free Zones (WEFZ) to a diverse set of alliance partners that will be needed to make WEFZs a reality. WEFZ are tax-free trade zones open to affordable communications and information technologies in which the majority of the land assets are transferred to community trusts devoted to the support of women and children. This document is designed to explain the core concepts relating to this proposal to a diverse audience of potential alliance partners, including business, government, NGOs, and education and health care partners.

Executive Summary

Free zones as a stimulus to wealth creation are contrasted with the sustained poverty caused by poor legal infrastructure around the world. Traditional and new objections to free zones are listed and addressed. Correlations between violence and sustained poverty indicate the urgency of successfully extending the free enterprise system to the poorest regions on the planet. A more detailed analysis of the WEFZ approach to delivering full-strength economic policy and institutional reform is provided, including a development plan in which for-profit developers initially own the bulk of the free zone in order to incentivize investment, but progressively share benefits with civil society organizations. Upfront fees from developers seeking to win zone concessions can provide immediate resources for expanded learning and health care offerings by local and global civil society partners. Sustainable success-sharing partnerships can be assured through a progressive conveyance to community trusts of 2% of zone land and infrastructure assets per year (under 30-year" Build-Operate-Transfer" or BOT agreements). Because of the need to identify the optimal sites for free zone creation, a global competition that rewards creation of small, scalable" quickstart areas is proposed to seed the WEFZ creation process. A sketch of the coalition partners needed for the success of this project is provided. Finally, a scaled-up vision of an ongoing WEFZ creation process is provided by means of which numerous WEFZ may be created. An appendix with more detail on the zone Build-Operate-Transfer success-sharing framework is also provided.

FLOW, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 organization dedicated to "Liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good."

Open World is a social venture dedicated to "Spreading zones of freedom, peace, and prosperity."

FLOW is an emerging movement dedicated to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good and directing it towards creating sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all in our lifetime.

The FLOW Movement reflects a FLOW Worldview, integrating appreciation for economic freedom, voluntary exchange, individual initiative, combined with social and environmental consciousness, and embodies FLOW Principles, which include commitments to human flourishing, non-violence, diversity, and radical tolerance.

Explorers Foundation regards the work of FLOW and of Openworld as vital to the emergence of freeorder. -leif

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June 18, 2007; edited/updated April 24, 2021

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