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Bennett's Conjecture on English Speaking India

the most important fact of the 21st century?

In The Third Anglosphere Century, James Bennett writes:

An India that is increasingly fluent in English, linked by a growing tide of emigration to the core Anglosphere nations, creates a more intimate relationship between India and the Anglosphere than had existed before. German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck famously opined that the most important reality of the 20th century was the fact that the United States spoke English. He was right. It is also possible that the most important fact of the 21st century will be that India increasingly speaks English.

James C. Bennett, The Third Anglosphere Century, The Heritage Foundation, November 2007. The quotation is from page 4 of chapter 1, "The Anatomy of the Anglosphere".

See also, Peggy Mohan, "Is English the Language of India's Future?" — cited by Bennett.
Seminar 545 (January 2005)

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