glyph 422: earth, land, air, water, flora, fauna, geography, geology, minerals ... library, books ... a startup nonprofit venture in Colorado ... ecology, environment ... resource for educators ... conservation, tools for stewardship


The Rocky Mountain Land Library

a resource linking land and community

The Rocky Mountain Land Library exists to extend everyone's knowledge of the land; waking us to the sheer miracle of life on earth, while providing access to the stewardship tools we all need. As the demands on our environment increase, there has never been a better time for us to know the ground at our feet, and feel more personally the responsibility we have to leave a livable planet for future generations.

Found by Kathleen Cain, author of The Cottonwood Tree, Westcliffe Publishing: "...with one glance inside this fascinating book, it is easy understand Cain's attraction to cottonwoods. Cain sees the cottonwood as a tree that can stand as a symbol for American history, and shows this with meticulous research, fascinating sidebars, and interesting vignettes about the tree."
March 22, 2008

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