glyph 449: meaning seeking, value creation, value destruction ... nihilism, nihilists, philosophy, all values are baseless . envy, hatred of value . war . terrorism ... contribution of India ..... positive transformation, culture, spirit, peace ... alignment beyond agreement . dynamic and coherent engagement in value creation, production, and exchange ... Vision in Action .


Creation, Nihilism, Civilization — Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

political and economic solutions alone are not enough

The human being is the meaning-seeking being. There are two kinds of behaviors through which people seek and find meaning: value creation and value destruction. The majority of men and women seek and find meaning through various forms of value creation or value production but there are some people who succumb to various pathological thoughts, actions, and behaviors seeking meaning through value destruction, including destruction of life. This latter are called nihilists. (Nihilism is a philosophical doctrine that holds that all values are baseless. The psychological concomitant of nihilism is envy — the hatred of value for being valuable.)

Conflict, violence, and seeds of nihilism exist within the collective psyche of humanity and permeate the whole culture of this supposedly civilized world — and unless the inner fragmentation, conflict, violence, envy, and despair existing within the consciousness of humanity are overcome and transformed the karmic chain of violence will continue.

Political and economic solutions alone are not enough. Cultural (spiritual, philosophical, ethical, and aesthetic) solutions must be combined to form a triadic matrix of human and world transformation. In this regard, India has a tremendously rich tradition and uniquely significant contribution to make. There have flourished in India not only countless sages of the antiquity such as the Buddha, Mahavira, and Shankara but also in the 19th-20th centuries alone a legion of illumined spiritual masters such as Ramakrishna, Vivekananda, Ramana Maharishi, Sri Aurobindo, Gopi Krishna, and Krishnamurti.

Having discovered and developed the numerical concept of the zero, India is endowed with remarkable mathematical genius, which today is evidenced especially by her technological genius, but her spiritual/philosophical wealth is her greatest treasure, not only to her people but also to the world. It is my hope that in this critical moment in her history and the world history, Indian people responsibly respond to terrorism and continue to develop their nation with spiritual wisdom as well as with mathematical/technological genius so that India will emerge as an exemplar of peace for the 21st century.

Peace is not the opposite or the absence of war but the creative transcendence from the dichotomy of war and its absence. Peace is the consequence arising from the collective human action of dynamic and coherent engagement in value creation, production, and exchange.

Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

Vision without action is empty.
Action without vision is blind.

Opinion and ideology divide.
Quest and commitment unite.
December 5, 2008

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