glyph 463: Finland . defense of commerce against feudal taxes and trade regulation (embargos, for example) ... Sweden, Russia . 16th century ... Finnish folk hero ... prosperity & peace through defense of commerce against political predation ... Nokia


Jaakko Ilkka — Finland, Late 16th Century

Cattle Breeder, Merchant Rebel

In 1592 Jaakko Ilkka didn't participate in war activities anymore, and he gave up the feudal tax collection. Instead he focused on cattle breeding and incorporated a nearby, neglected farm into his land. In doing so he obtained some land for his cattle that were shipped live to Stockholm and other cities. This meant the meat was surely fresh. However, when Fleming had a falling-out with Duke Karl, Fleming initiated a trade embargo. The embargo mostly affected merchant shipping. As a result, traditional peasant leaders, or merchants, combined forces with poorer peasants and began to rebel.

Thanks to Juha Jussila-Song for telling us about Jaakko and this website. —leif
February 14, 2009; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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