glyph 524: english novelist ... order, character, natural values, singleness of mind ... anglosphere, france


Charles Morgan (1894-1958)

novelist, playwright, essayist, critic

"... this scrupulous craftsmanship, this discipline, that puts his writings, whether fiction or non-fiction, among the finest that twentieth-centuryŠ prose style has to offer." — "In Memoriam Charles Morgan, 6 February 1958," by Roger Kuin — "This site, dedicated to Charles Langbridge Morgan (1894-1958), one of the great writers of English prose and novelist of distinction, was created on the 50th anniversary of his death, and remains as a modest monument."

In Memoriam Charles Morgan 6 February 1958 - (for a commemorative luncheon held in Melbourne, Australia, in February 2008)

Discovering Charles Morgan, a forgotten British author, by Little Nell

"Responsibility is a hard bread to be eaten with a rough wine, not sopped in milk. No one can eat it for us. Eat it or starve." -The River Line

ef glyph 264: "Order, Character, Singleness of Mind"
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