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Emergent by Design - Venessa Miemis

something important is happening — the work of Venessa Miemis, who wrote:

I feel that we are a global society in transition. Many of our traditional institutions are failing or just broken. The narrative is broken. The idea of "us versus them" doesn't work when the realization is made that we are all co-existing in an interdependent set of systems. We are now in the process of telling a new story about how civilization can function in a way that incorporates sustainable practices and leads to resilient and thrivable societies.

New models are being created for open collaboration and open enterprise, for complementary and alternative currencies, for governance, and for spirituality and empowerment. These experiments are inspirational and give me hope that we are reaching the tipping point where a critical mass of people on this planet (much less than I would have thought was necessary) are waking up to our true potential as a globally networked consciousness.

I am scouting the edges of technology and innovation, right where the magic happens.

A one-minute video introduction to Vanessa, and to a "big idea":
October 23, 2014; edited/updated November 26, 2015

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