glyph 549: James C. Bennett, Jim . Anglosphere . network commonwealth . Audacious Union . "The Anglosphere Challenge," 2004 . At a Hudson Institute conference, January 2000, Bennett said, "... the "Anglosphere" - the term I borrowed from novelist Neal Stephenson to describe the entire English-speaking world - is where the action is going to be." This was the first use of the word "Anglosphere" after Stephenson's novel, "Diamond Age," 1995 ... Robert Conquest is reported to have used the word in 2000 ... UK, EU, Brexit . Britain's exit from the EU


The Rise of the Anglosphere, New Statesman, U.K., February 10, 2015

James C. Bennett's writings are having a powerful impact

NewStatesman, 10 February 2015, "The rise of the Anglosphere," by Michael Kenny and Nick Pearce, concludes:

The rise of the Anglosphere is both a barometer and a source of deepening disagreement on the right about the UK's geopolitical and economic development. Yet the temptation for those on the centre left to rejoice in these kinds of disagreements ought to be set aside. For while parts of the right have assembled an ambitious and optimistic project that has the capacity to appeal to a range of social groups, the left shows few signs of forging a national project of its own that might guide it through the economic and territorial turbulence ahead.

The left has largely shed its Euroscepticism but has yet to find arguments for staying in the EU that are anything other than technocratic or tactical. With a few exceptions, it is silent on how the European project can be rescued from the historical cul-de-sac of deflation and post-democratic governance associated with Brussels and Berlin and even less certain about how membership of a reformed EU can express a bigger, compelling and value-laden vision of Britain's future in the world.

The Anglosphere is far from being just a quirky, nostalgic idea. It is at the heart of a re-emerging political world-view. Understanding its power, reach and history is imperative for a centre left that needs a more clearly defined strategic ambition and sense of political direction if it is to do more than survive buffeting by the storms.

Irreverent, beautifully written and witty, the New Statesman is the essential read for bright thinkers everywhere.

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