glyph 563: politics, elections, candidates, contenders, liberty, freedom . negative politics, politics of "no" ... running to collect votes for liberty instead of for office ... how to tell the truth in politics without ensuring defeat . how to fully back the candidate who represents your ideas without "throwing away your vote" on a futile idealistic third party campaign ... Richard Cobden, John Bright, England, 1840s repeal of the "Corn Laws"


Parties of No Party

a political strategy on the way to freeorder

Positive and negative forges work together to enable the emergence of freeorder

 Forge Picture

A fundamental fact of politics is this: It is impossible to win an election by telling the entire necessary truth. Omission, misrepresentation, or lying is required. This is true for all candidates, even those of the most admirable character. Somewhat demoralizing, isn't it.

Ultimately, what is crucial is that political electoral process change to assure that anyone who does not help limit government (the social apparatus of compulsion) will be unable to hold office for more than one term, and anyone who will not convincingly promise to help will have no hope of winning an election.

Effective term limitation without any change in the law is possible. Linked below is a one-page proposal sketching how it can be done.

The proposal describes the political side of a cultural sea change in which species now thought to be doomed will begin to flourish, and destructive species will find less support for reproduction.

Cobden & Bright, are two fictitious modern candidates for liberty (not for office) named after two good, heroic, and inspiring men who, against seemingly impossible odds, in the 1840s organized the repeal of English tariffs on the importation of basic foods to England.

Explorers Foundation does not endorse candidates, but those who do may use or modify this strategy for any view they wish to support.

Richard Cobden:

Article in Spanish, by John Chodes, as published by Ricardo Valenzuela:

John Bright:
Trevelyan's biography of Bright is inspiring reading.
August 14, 2016; edited/updated February 5, 2022

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