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What You'll Never See Posted by Any Media

from an anonymous publisher

From an anonymous publisher:

Sorry, we don't have verifiable information—nothing more than speculation and innuendo to titillate, inflame, and manipulate (and boost our online circulation to please our advertisers)—so we'll wait to publish our latest report until we have objective data to share. Takes a few days to fact-check against conflicting authorities. Just because many sources are in agreement doesn't make the information automatically true.

And our competition will have different takes on the same events because we all have different political biases. And much of what we post will be meaningless within a few hours, regardless of our due diligence, because it will be superseded by new facts and events. Take care; it will be very difficult to decide whose version of the facts to believe.

My advice: beware of trusting our information to make important decisions, because historically our posts often are proven to be wrong in hindsight: tis the nature of our beast.

November 27, 2016; edited/updated December 26, 2016

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