glyph 585: cultural shifts previsioned by art, essence of change captured in symphonic monuments


Beethoven's Soundtrack to the Birth of Modernity, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

symphony as microscopic social order

The author, Jeffrey Tucker, of Beethoven:

... he was preeminently a modern man, with all trace of the barbarian vanished. Into his gorgeous music there went all of the high skepticism that was of the essence of the Eighteenth Century, but into it there also went a new enthusiasm, the new determination to challenge and beat the gods, that dawned with the Nineteenth.

Tucker provides this link [video] to a magnificent performance of Beethoven 9, conducted by Bernstein, Berlin, 1989, in celebration of the annihilation of the Wall.

Paul Johnson's Birth of the Modern supplies good support for Tucker's thesis. -ls
November 23, 2017; edited/updated May 12, 2018

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