glyph 614: balances among designed and spontaneous orders useful to individual quest and social evolution . "Cosmos and Taxis" — Hayek, Law, Legislation, and Liberty, Vol. I, Ch. 2.


Freeorder: born from classical & modern liberalism, socialism, and capitalism

co-evolution: individual quests <-> social forms

A way to think about Freeorder

Freeorder names the next stage of social evolution, extending classical and modern liberalism, socialism, and capitalism, incorporating good elements from each. It takes property and negative rights from classical liberalism; compassion from liberalism and from the best of socialism; understanding of market process and the power of voluntary networks from capitalism. Freeorder leaves behind accumulated tyrannical aspects of earlier social ideals, slowly established as a result of foolish attempts to manifest good intentions through means reliant on coercion of the unwilling.

Think of Freeorder as a state of affairs suited to fearless and complete expression of strengths typical of explorers, such as curiosity, wonder, and capacity for strong questioning and venture.

Think of freeorder (balances among designed and spontaneous orders that support exploration) as a turbulent flow of states emergent from discovery processes through which Freeorder evolves.

There is a lot to question and find fault with in the above. I hope it will start worthwhile discussions. -ls

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October 14, 2019; edited/updated October 20, 2019

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