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646 Coming Home - a trajectory
645 On the Return of the Sun, 22 December 2023
644 Samuel Smiles' Self-Help: With Illustrations of Conduct and Perseverance - examples and wisdom to guide constructive adventure
643 The Inventor of the Round-Cornered Shovel - from the Saturday Evening Post, October 26, 1907
642 AI Hayek First Conversations about Freeorder - conducted through Adnan Abbasi's
641 Bob Haywood, interviewed by Max Borders, July 25, 2023 - conquering poverty by building new special zones and city states
640 Battle for the Life and Beauty of the Earth - a struggle between two world systems
639 Catawba Digital Special Economic Zone (CDEZ) - innovation in governance, described by Tom W. Bell
638 The Anglosphere Challenge by James C. Bennett, 2004 - a review by Mark Frazier
637 The Eastern Roman Empire - Videos by Sean Gabb - Byzantium from its origins to 1453
636 Poised Between Order and Chaos - regimes at the edge of chaos
635 Simple Identity, "One's-self" - far more precious than genius - living well the practical life and lot —Whitman
634 Ayn Rand and the Emergence of Freeorder - streams to rivers to ocean
633 Manchester-Dakar Megaliths - steam & quest
632 Open Letter to Harry Brown - strategy for the Libertarian Party
631 Crossings
630 Emmanuel Todd's Evolution of Lineages of Modernity: A History of Humanity - reviewed by James C. Bennett
629 What if freeorder is more question than answer - what will we discover?
628 Excellence - Aristotle's View - distilled by Will Durant
627 Trust is the Coin of the Realm — George Schultz - Life and Learning after One Hundred Years
626 Principles to Guide an Educational Venture - Michael Strong's The Socratic Experience (an online school)
625 freeorder is not spontaneous order - it is a balance among kinds of order that serves quest
624 Boats, the Sea, a Community of Love, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry - relevant to the concept of explorer
623 Advice to Students on the Fringes of the Moment - Robert P. George to Princeton Students, 2020
622 From Liberal State to Tyranny - a trajectory understood by Herbert Spencer, Gustav Cassel, and Henry Hazlitt
621 Hope - fundamental to the emergence of freeorder
620 A Prosecutor's Job, U.S. Supreme Court, 1935 - not to win cases but to assure that justice shall be done
619 What is to be done? - a quiet, fast, revolution
617 Bettina Brentano: A virtuoso muse - by Jan Swafford, The Guardian, August 2003
616 Truth and Lies, the Scale of Institutional Investment - a perspective provided by Paul Johnson
615 Freeorder Network - a worldwide whole gradually emergent from fragments
614 Freeorder: born from classical & modern liberalism, socialism, and capitalism - co-evolution: individual quests <-> social forms
613 Karl Popper on how to improve government and knowledge - endless conjecture and refutation
612 Frederick Douglass on the Founders of The United States of America - who were they, what did they do, intend?
611 Independence Day - United States of America - Thomas Jefferson's letter about what it means
610 What does it mean to be Entrepreneurial? - by Gary Hoover, American Business History Center
609 The Mediaeval Roman Empire - an unlikely emergence and survival, by Sean Gabb
608 Dare to be a Daniel: Christian Witness in the Political Arena - by John Andrews
607 Rand's Fountainhead, Beethoven's Waldstein - improbable emergence, word & music
606 freeorder - the origin of the word - a question asked by F. A. Hayek
605 Differences Between Absolute and Limited Monarchy - William Livingston, 1752 "The Independent Reflector"
604 The Independent Whig - writings of Trenchard and Gordon: early sparks of liberty, 1720-21
603 Henry Clay Frick: An Intimate Protrait, by Martha Frick Symington Sanger - the life of an industrialist and art collector
602 Peter Kropotkin, on patterns - spiritual nature of pattern finding
601 Lusosphere — an emerging network commonwealth - Brazil and the Emergence of a Digital Lusosphere, 2018
600 Karl Popper's Seminar, London School of Economics, 1968 - described by Arne F. Petersen
599 Leadership & Decision Making - General Kitchener, Sudan, 1896, Desert Railway
598 Byzantium, History, Richard Blake's Novels - reforms of the 7th century
597 Entheos - The Spirit Which Defines and Motivates - Reflections of Robert K. Greenleaf
596 Startup Societies Foundation - small territorial experiments in government
595 History of the Human Race in Five Phases - omitting almost everything, retaining something
594 Special Zones: Blockchain Tokens to Free the World - the monetization of freeorder
593 Joan, the Tavern Girl - Winston S. Churchill's assessment of the person and life of Joan of Arc
592 Emergence of a New Hanseatic League - special economic zones will reshape global governance
591 Denationalisation of Money: The Argument Refined, by F. A. Hayek - 1974, third edition 1990
590 High Tech Hayekians, by Don Lavoie - precursors, origins, and potential of the agoric approach to computation
589 Peter Drucker - What Management Learned from Him - a remembrance, by Bob Haywood
588 Radical Social Entrepreneurs - an introduction to Strong's Law
587 Georgian London, Unplanned Metropolis of Merchandise - ordered without design
586 Hayek's Essay: "The Use of Knowledge in Society" - discussion (audio): Jeffrey Tucker, Kirk Dameron, Stephen Macaskill
585 Beethoven's Soundtrack to the Birth of Modernity, by Jeffrey A. Tucker - symphony as microscopic social order
584 Perceptual Salience and the Creative Powers of a Free Civilization - the importance of Hayek, by Michael Strong
583 The Whiskey Machine, by Robert A. Freitas, Jr. - Atomically Precise Manufacturing (APM)
582 The Great Robert Walpole - Prime Minister of Great Britain, 1721-1742
581 The Danger of Right-Wing Collectivism - a book by Jeffrey Tucker, 2017
580 A Vertical Political Spectrum - political positions redrawn accurately
579 Thoreau's Upland Farm - The Upland Farm: Thoreau on Cultivating a Better Life, by Peter Saint-Andre
578 A Wakeup Call for Christian Libertarians - a new paper by Spencer MacCallum
577 Dreams of a Library, by Michael Finch - reach to find heaven and you will fill your soul
576 Explorers & Freeorder: how they are related - the vision and concept guiding Explorers Foundation
575 The Discovery of Freedom, by Rose Wilder Lane - journalist, biographer, novelist (1886-1968)
574 The Beautiful Tree, by James Tooley: Education for the Poorest - informal private schools from Ghana to India to China
573 The English Common Law: the essential point, as seen by W. S. Churchill - the jury system and the ultimate source of law
572 "Serenity," an essay by Charles Morgan - from The Writer and his World: Lectures and Essays (London: Macmillan, 1960)
571 Kwan, Her Story: from Hong Kong 2016 to New Victoria 2036 - a major city to arise on the coast of northwest Australia
570 Bruno Leoni: Roman Law Was Based On Private Discovery, Not Legislation - law remained outside of legislative control for centuries
569 How to be an Ethical, Competent, and Credible Journalist - five things to do well
568 Venice Quilt - a result of human action but not of human design
567 What You'll Never See Posted by Any Media - from an anonymous publisher
566 Polly Hill, Economic Anthropologist - writer of articles and books on "indigenous capital"
565 Leading with a Gift - moving from multicultural conflict to a transcultural world
564 Freedom's Ugly Duckling: A Fresh Take on Private Property in Land - Spencer H. MacCallum, 2016
563 Parties of No Party - a political strategy on the way to freeorder
562 The Commonwealth Union: Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand - FAQ: A Reference Design, by James C. Bennett
561 Economics as a Source of Hope - as seen by Ludwig von Mises
560 Great Social Movements: Growth & Decay - Winston Churchill & Sir John Glubb
559 Freedom Glow - a venture traced in patterns of light - sparks from this forge will travel
558 Lavoisier: Death by Fatal Conceit - unchecked certainty can be a powerful destructive force
557 The Greatest Discovery of Mankind - Hayek's Insight - the power of abstract rules of just conduct
556 Khabele + Strong Incubator, Austin, Texas - was a niddle and high school For conscious entrepreneurs
555 A Note to Forge Builders and Weavers of Freeorder - forge = freeorder generator
554 Beethoven, his thoughts about music - a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy
553 Andrew Carnegie, Triumphant Democracy, 1886 - Dedication
552 Hillsdale Dialogues: Larry Arnn and Hugh Hewitt - a survey of great books, great men, and great ideas
551 Elbert Hubbard on W. Atlee Burpee & John Wesley - the business of distributing flower seeds
550 Five Hundred Years of the English Parish, Earls Colne, Essex - a test of the work of F. W. Maitland, historian of English law
549 The Rise of the Anglosphere, New Statesman, U.K., February 10, 2015 - James C. Bennett's writings are having a powerful impact
548 Standard Oil: How It Succeeded and Became Very Large - explained by John D. Rockefeller, December 30, 1899
547 Friedrich Hayek Scholar's Page - taking Hayek seriously
546 Emergent by Design - Venessa Miemis - something important is happening
545 Office for Open Network, Denver, 1975 to 2000 - a short history, by Pat Wagner
544 A Challenge to the Best of the Next Generation - Benjamin Disraeli, 1844
543 The Power of a Free Press — Richard Brinsley Sheridan
542 Freeorder: The Power of Limits to Support Emergence - limits create open space not dense with obstructions
541 Climate Change Reconsidered - the science is not "settled"
540 Francis of Assisi - Mills - an image of the mind & spirit of the explorer
539 The Denationalization of Money, by F. A. Hayek - proposal to deprive governments of monopoly of issue of money
538 Isango Ensemble - South Africa - old theatre classics ... modern wholly African expression -Sir Ian Mckellen
537 Se Fueron Las Abuelitas - The Grandmothers Have Gone, Casas Grande, Chihuaha, Mexico, May 2011
536 "The Use of Knowledge in Society," by F. A. Hayek - a foundation of freeorder and open network theory & practice
535 One Ring to Rule All? Caution Advised - thank you F. A. Hayek, by Pat Wagner, May 8, 2014
534 The Whig Settlement of 1688 - a foundation of American freedom, limited constitutional government
533 Luke Simpkins' Lumber Business, 1936 - simple story, profound principle
532 African Hair Braiding Becomes Legal in Mississippi & D.C. - thanks to Melony Armstrong & The Institute for Justice
531 Kinds of Order - freeorder, a chart - illustrating the problem solved by the word freeorder
530 Constitution of the United States of America and Freeorder - emergent by design
529 What is a philosopher? - by Yasuhiko Kimura
528 Socrates: A Man for Our Time - by Paul Johnson
527 Considering State Opposition to Life Extension Technologies - Fight Aging! Newsletter
526 The Tao of Roark & Letters on Happiness: An Epicurean Dialogue - by Peter Saint-André
525 The Anglosphere Toolkit - a thousand years of cultural evolution compressed for fast reuse
524 Charles Morgan (1894-1958) - novelist, playwright, essayist, critic
523 Samuel Ullman — Youth - a businessman's poem that changed the world
522 Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men - From Spencer Heath's Philosophical & Theological Work
521 America 3.0 — A Third Phase of American History - By James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus
520 "Creating Libertopia", by Michael Strong - extendng liberty through creation of free cities and zones
519 From Dictatorship to Democracy, by Gene Sharp - a conceptual framework for liberation
518 Hayek's The Road to Serfdom in Cartoons
517 Ghiberti's Bronze Doors, a Work of Forty-Eight Years - A Model for Living
516 LibraryThing - cataloging and social networking for book lovers
515 - donor managed giving and communication with recipients
514 Entrepreneurial Libraries - funded by clients and friends
513 "Economics For Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," by Peter J. Boettke - economists and politicians are different
512 Charting the Course: Toward a Seasteading Legal Strategy - research paper by Dario Mutabdzija and Max Borders
511 Anatomy in Clay - the mind cannot forget what the hands have learned™
510 Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) - inventor of the pneumatic process for the manufacture of steel
509 Steam Power — Destroyer of Jobs - effect of introduction of steam powered steel nail making machines
508 Makers — The Next Generation - a cartoon Ayn Rand would like
507 Michael Yon - Online Magazine - a fully entrepreneurial news finder and reporter
506 Vivekananda on Religion and Toleration - Art Institute of Chicago, 11 September 1893
505 Charles Maggio's Tribute to America - Shreveport, Louisiana
504 Beethoven's Judgment on the "Emperor" Napoleon - a great man discovers a small man
503 Sir William Harcourt on Liberalism, 1872 - liberty does not consist in making others do what you think right
502 Toward a Life of Practical Romance — G. K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy - the view of the Explorers Foundation
501 Nuru International - listening, planning, doing, building capital to end extreme poverty ... remove rural areas ... extreme poverty
500 Man, Economy, and State, by Murray N. Rothbard - economics for entrepreneurs and all explorers
499 Tragedy May End Happily, wrote Aristotle in Poetics - transitions from evil to good, from unhappiness to happiness
498 America's Great Depression, by Murray N. Rothbard - the story of an unnecessary tragedy told by an economist and historian of the Austrian School
497 Positivity, by Barbara Frederickson - reviewed by Jessica Lipnack
496 Einstein Plus Two, by Petr Beckmann - an alternative to the Einstein theory of relativity
495 Dutch Republicans, Early 1600s - standing for liberal principles of peace, free trade, liberty
494 Treatise on Harmony, by Jean-Philippe Rameau - published in 1722: one of the most important books in the history of western music
493 Vortex Eudaimonia - happiness, joyful life, postive psychology, quest serving collaboration and governance
492 Planners (chateau generals) vs. Entrepreneurs (frontline officers) - "Bastiat's Iceberg" — an article by Sean Corrigan
491 Afghanistan and Iraq — Books by Rory Stewart - insights into the complexities of tribal politics
490 Life, Chaos, Dancing Stars, Passion, Preparedness - the art of crafting a master explorer
489 Paul Kayser's Idea of Good Business - advice from the founder of El Paso Natural Gas
488 Empires of the Silk Road, by Christopher I. Beckwith - parallels between oceans of grass and oceans of water
487 The Mission of Liberal Education - St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland & Santa Fe, New Mexico
486 Creating Residential Colleges within Universities - four foundations on which campus life can be rebuilt
485 Paul Coelho on personal callings, pursuit of dreams and visions - explorations into the art of quest
484 Getting to Maybe, by Frances Westley, Brenda Zimmerman, and Michael Quinn Patton - life changing movements and the spread of social innovation
483 A General Purpose Template for Protesting Legislative Destruction of Market Sectors - Inspired by David Hirsanyi & Jim Babka
482 Be the Solution, by Michael Strong and John Mackey - How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the Worlds Problems
481 Irena Sendler - Rescuer of Children, a Hero of World War II - Repair the World (Tikkun Olam)
480 Conceived in Liberty, by Murray N. Rothbard - a history of the American colonies from an individualist perspective
479 Rothbard: Adam Smith's World without Entrepreneurship - Emil Kauder's revision of the history of economics
478 The Moral Courage Project - Created by Irshad Manji at New York University
476 Commerce Opens the World to All Pervading Light - from Frederick Douglass's Independence Day speech, 1852
475 Global Warming: Does it Exist? Is It Caused by Human Activity? - "The Skeptic's Handbook", by Joanne Nova
474 Oath of Fealty of the Aragonese Lords to their Monarch - an illustration of medieval constitutionalism
473 Abdol Hossein Sardari — Iran's Oskar Schindler - protector of Iranian jews during the Nazi occupation of France
472 Learning with Fingers & Eyes - Walter P. Chrysler - for some, learning is not best done by reading
471 Africans Want to Be Entrepreneurs - Dambisa Moyo, author of Dead Aid — interviewed June 10, 2009
470 Hoover's World, Enterprise & Entrepreneurship - a resource for explorers
469 The Philosophy Site of Rafe Champion - treasures and surprises for friends of Karl Popper, Ludwig von Mises, and F. A. Hayek
468 Democracy in America, by Alexis de Tocqueville - bilingual edition from Liberty Fund Books, December 2009
467 "The Value of Education", by Sean Gabb, 9th April 2003 - an article on the essence of civilization
466 Arrested Voices, by Vitaly Shentalinsky - resurrecting the disappeared writers of the Soviet regime
465 F. A. Hayek, Interviewed by John O'Sullivan [video] - beneficial social order arises from liberty
464 Henry Ford & Thomas Edison: Differences of Mind - As personally observed by Garet Garrett
463 Jaakko Ilkka — Finland, Late 16th Century - Cattle Breeder, Merchant Rebel
462 Open Cobalt - free metaverse browser and toolkit
461 KickStart - new African entrepreneurs, by the thousands
460 Work Hard. Be Nice., by Jay Matthews - How Two Inspired Teachers Created the Most Promising Schools in America
459 Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance, by Tony Dungy - how to make a life that never ceases to be subjectively rewarding
458 The Cook Doctrine - Tim Cook defines Apple, Inc. — January 21, 2009
457 Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill - available as an audiobook on iTunes
456 The Spanish Roots of the Austrian School - an interview with Jesús Huerta de Soto
455 "I, Pencil" - My Family Tree, as Told to Leonard E. Read, 1958
454 Hallelujah Chorus — George Frideric Handel - Premiere, Dublin, Ireland, 1742
453 Theatre Junkies - The video, "Validation", validates Theatre Junkies
452 Free-Market Corporations - and governments as competitive service providers
451 The Solution to All Social Problems - Bolshevik Poster, 1918
450 Project Xanadu - Back to the Future - Hypertext the Way It Used To Be
449 Creation, Nihilism, Civilization — Yasuhiko Genku Kimura - political and economic solutions alone are not enough
448 Logical coherence and social solidarity are inversely related - Ernest Gellner, Plough, Sword, and Book
447 Henry Vaughan's Guardian
446 Who will defend the Explorer of tomorrow? - from those who know the sword and shield; that others may know peace
445 The Terminal Instability of Democracy — Eric S. Raymond - the tendency of democracies to transform themselves into tyrannies
443 Chrysler Engineers Get it Backwards - then reverse themselves and their designs, 1927
442 Rocket Engine Factory at SpaceX - video tour of the SpaceX factory led by Elon Musk
441 The Bailout Reader — The Economics & Politics of Financial Crisis - extensive materials relevant to all crises
440 The Foundation for a Better Life - encouraging others to do good
439 The Mystery of Banking, by Murray N. Rothbard - more than enough money, who creates it, how, and who gains
438 The Historical Origins of Post-Individuation Community: James C. Bennett, on Macfarlane - the antiquity of Anglospheric individualism
437 Social Power vs. State Power - Murray N. Rothbard's Perspective on History
436 "Short Perspective on Land and Environment" — Spencer H. MacCallum - rethinking the concept of "land"
435 Argument as a Source of Knowledge - Illustration from the History of Geology
434 The Habit of Thought, by Michael Strong - From Socratic Seminars to Socratic Practice
433 Puerta de Anza — A Door to Prosperity - A letter from Ricardo Valenzuela, June 2008: a Mexico-U.S. free port
432 Leonardo da Vinci - Flight - why explorers don't quit
431 "The Catholic Second Amendment", by David B. Kopel - philosophical arguments for armed citizens
430 "The Song of the Lark," by Willa Cather - a passage from native to master explorer
429 Law Enforcement Against Prohibition - abolish laws that cause more crime than they stop
428 Memorial Day by Colin Powell, 2008 - America's commitment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all
427 Seasteading: Homesteading the High Seas - aquatic pioneers, civilization's frontier, green technology & free enterprise
426 Creativity — A Great Presentation by Sir Ken Robinson - Does education kill creativity?
425 Moment of Truth in Iraq, by Michael Yon - turning defeat and disaster into victory and hope
424 Worldwide Network of Free Zones, Free Cities - soft power rivalries to create new Hong Kong- and Singapore- class free zones
423 Binx Selby's Exploration of Blood Chemistry - high fat diet for a healthy circulatory system
422 The Rocky Mountain Land Library - a resource linking land and community
421 Positive Liberty - a group of libertarian/classical liberal thinkers
420 The Singing Revolution, Estonia, 1939-1991 - a people's music challenges tyranny
419 Complexity & Economics - How societies emerge and grow prosperous, videos by Max Borders
418 "A Short History of International Currencies", by Christopher Weber - the quest for trustworthy money
417 Economic Indexes — As Seen by Ludwig von Mises - tools of political persuasion
416 Bennett's Conjecture on English Speaking India - the most important fact of the 21st century?
415 Dreams, Engineering, Failure: books by Henry Petroski - the role of failure in successful design
414 Jörg Guido Hülsmann on Ludwig von Mises - a talk given at the Ludwig von Mises Institute
413 A Computer System for Gathering & Delivering "True Knowledge" - a question based 3search engine & fact engine combined
412 The 1921 Club — an invitation - past may inspire future
411 Pattern Research, Inc. Bibliography - books of value to explorers, compiled by Pat Wagner
410 Island of Delos, 166 B.C. - one of the first known freezones
409 Award for Creativity to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico - for leadership in establishing the world's first economic processsing zones, 1941-1951
408 Above the Battle, by Romaine Rolland - extending the blessing of liberty
407 The General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen of the City of New York - 20 West 44th Street, New York, New York, founded 1785
406 "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs", by Dave Grossman
405 Walt Hurn, Forest Ranger, Gardener - the impact of ordered gardens on young wilderness voyageurs
404 The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals & Dirty Politics, by Kim Long - concerning ballots: in counting there is strength
402 Vortex Ijtihâd - independent thought, scholarship, critical thinking
401 Intrepid Youth Foundation - from classroom to boardroom: opening a world for exploration
400 Explorers Foundation Vortices - tracking conversations about aspects of freeorder
399 The Sons of Martha, by Rudyard Kipling - and the Iron Rings of Engineers
397 "A New Theory of the Universe", by Robert Lanza - biocentrism builds on quantum physics by putting life into the equation
396 "God Grew Tired of Us", a Film - Reviewed by Steve Forness in the CatchFire Café Newsletter
395 Andras Schiff's Lectures on Beethoven Piano Sonatas - discussion of the lifelong evolution of a creative mind, illustrated on piano
394 The Longevity Meme - a newsletter & an organization devoted to activism and education to defeat aging
393 "Why Poland?" by Windham Loopesko - new networks forming in midst of Polish Renaissance
392 Somalia - Clan Owned Freeports as Multi-Tenant Income Properties - Van Notten's The Law of the Somalis + MacCallum's The Art of Community, "a package of social software that could generate a freeport-clan"
391 Women's Empowerment Free Zones - freedom added to low-valued land creates wealth to fund trusts
390 Sam Maloof, Woodworker - Sam Maloof Foundation for Arts and Crafts
389 The Amazon Mechanical Turk - Reintermediation - fine grained distribution and use of human intelligence
388 Mathematica — A Radically New Version - May 1, 2007
387 Realist and Nominalist — Baroque Hedgehog and Gothic Fox - a Greek myth central to Véliz' The New World of the Gothic Fox
386 Anglosphere Island: The Un-Utopia - James C. Bennett speculates on the achievable
385 "Constraining Government Regulation", by Bryce Wilkinson - A discussion paper for the New Zealand Business Roundtable
384 The Lion Rock - Hong Kong and The Lion Rock Institute
383 Issues of Decidability and Tractability - questioning the limits of computational solutions
382 How a Pope Contributed to the Development of the Steam Engine - a story told by Andrew Carnegie
381 Centro Artistico y Cultural de Huachinera, Sonora, Mexico - a vital regional education center for artists and artisans
380 William of Ockham (1300-1349) as Understood by Claudio Véliz - various kinds of decentralized disorder & the romantic disposition
379 Hayek — Religion, Agnosticism, Support of Civilization - the fatal conceit: arrogant overestimation of the capacities of human-like minds
378 "The Factory System of the Early Nineteenth Century," by W. H. Hutt - toward a better understanding of conditions existing early in the Industrial Revolution
377 Ayn Rand's Work in Two Words
376 Dynamic Graphics Project - evolution of the computer desktop
374 TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design
373 Liberalism: Old and New - Ludwig von Mises - the fundamental cause of war: movement toward omnipotent government
372 Pascal — As Seen by Charles Morgan - "his method is, in the noblest and freest sense, humane"
371 Omnipotent Government, by Ludwig von Mises - the rise of the total state and total war
370 Buxted Chicken Company - founded 1954, Sussex, England
369 January 6, 1906, Maria Montessori, Casa de Bambini, Children's House, San Lorenzo, Italy - Michael Strong writes of Montessori, of learning in a stream of exploration flowing onward from childhood
368 Explorers Foundation, Introduction 2.0 - a venture of use to explorers, a forge, a place of toolmaking, a freeorder generator
367 Periodic Table of Visualization Methods - visualization for communication, engineering and business
366 Blue Origin's Goddard Rocket, First Flight, November 13, 2006 - first flight of a novel private space vehicle
365 Edmonton Aging Symposium, 2007, March 30-31 - Repair the Damage; Organized by the Methuselah Foundation
363 Education for Explorers, the Socratic Strategy - the work of Ronald Gross
361 Agricultural Land as a Produced Economic Good - the work of monasteries in the Dark Ages —Paul Johnson
360 Engines of Creation: The Coming Era of Nanotechnology, by K. Eric Drexler - principles of change, predicting, projecting, the network of knowledge
359 How to Raise and Keep a Dragon: An Owner's Manual, by Joseph Nigg - beginning, of course, with the question: Why?
358 The St. John's Bible Heritage Edition, 2007 - Illuminating the Word
357 Cooperative Sagebrush Initiative - ethical and scientific land management, respect for boundaries
356 A Treatise of the Scurvy, by James Lind, 1753 - a discovery ignored for forty years, possibly even by its discoverer
355 Mt. Mahler, 12,493' — Colorado, 2006 - A mountain named for a composer of symphonies
354 Kemal Atatürk's tribute to ANZACs killed at Gallipoli - "In Victory: Magnanimity" —Winston Churchill
353 Winston Churchill to the Youth of America - Harvard University, 6 September 1943
352 Edward Gibbon on Moslem Tolerance - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
351 What is the People?, by William Hazlitt (1778-1830) - the meaning of "evil empire" exhaustively clarified
350 The Match (Lucifer) — Gift of the March of Science - a question posed by Charles Lamb in 1830 is recalled by Paul Johnson in 1991
349 Integral Institute - the approach: inclusive, balanced, comprehensive
347 Miniature Engineering Museum - Where Engines Gather
346 Japan — A History of Intellectual and Cultural Development - Some Observations — Yasuhiko Kimura, Vision In Action
345 The Diamond Approach to Self-Realization - the work of A. H. Almaas
344 The Student Success Manifesto, by Micheal Simmons - how to create a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity
343 Capitalissimo! - a song by Prodos
342 Weavers of Freeorder
341 Prodos Worldwide on SolidVOX Internet Radio Podcast - "the voice of intellectual adventure"
340 The Tucker Automobile - A Danger Averted - Tucker's Automobile, the Automobile Industry, and the Government
339 "Not Yours to Give" - David Crockett - a talk before the U.S. House of Representatives
338 Max Eastman to Corliss Lamont (1938) - importance of truth; danger of useful political lies
337 XCOR Announces Steam Engine Prize Winner - aerospace company awards prize for a steam engine design
336 Economic Freedom of the World Report - annual publication of the Fraser Institute
335 The Act of Creation, by Arthur Koestler - a study of the conscious and unconsious in science and art
334 The World of Cartoonist, Meg Biddle - be ready for anything
333 An Army of Davids, by Glenn Reynolds - how markets empower ordinary people to beat big (anything...)
332 Alianza Liberal, Mexico - Movimiento Libertario Mexicano
331 Orbis Institute, World Camp China - meaningful cultural immersion
330 Visual Aid - Keeping Art Alive - to encourage artists with life-threatening illnesses to continue their creative work
329 The Unknown Europeans, Photos by Kurt Kaindl, Texts by Karl-Markus Gauss - Exhibit, Embassy of Austria, Washington, D.C., January-June 2006
328 The Republic of Science, by Ian C. Jarvie - The Emergence of Popper's Social View of Science, 1935-1945
326 Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany, Early 1943 - German women won freedom for their Jewish husbands
325 Communications of The White Rose - heroic resistance to Nazi tyranny, Germany, 1940s
324 Springwise - a global network of 8,000 idea spotters - daily fix of entrepreneurial ideas
323 Making Iron and Steel: Independent Mills in Pittsburgh, 1820-1920, by John N. Ingham - the intricate, densely textured world of nineteenth-century entrepreneurs
322 Mary Enig's Studies of Fats, Business, Government - a story of scientific leadership and enterprise
321 Peace through Commerce - A FLOW Initiative - commerce provides lasting foundations for peace
320 Elegant Business & Elegant Business Leadership - definition proposed by Yasuhiko Kimura
319 Compound Irresponsibility - the biggest mathematical mistake ever to have ruled the world
318 Macy's - Lazarus Straus - bedrock under the world's largest store
317 "The Singularity", by Vernor Vinge, 1993 - a brief period of time when everything changes
316 The Endian Wars - Jonathan Swift - when a vital debate is declared over yet left purposely unresolved
315 Why the Worst Get on Top - pathologies of freeorder
314 Zaadz - a forest of civilization from many seeds
313 Reg McDaniel Interview - The Discovery of Glyconutrients - history of a conjecture about sugars required for health
312 Danger Close, by Micheal Yon - memoir of an explorer who has "demons to slay"
311 A Concert of Civilizations - negotiation among bounded regions of reduced transaction costs
310 Rebuilding and Maintaining the World's Soils - Renewable Carbon Management
309 Takakazu Seki (1639-1708) - inventor of calculus, Japan
308 Idea Stores - reinvention of the library
307 Association of Personal Historians - devoted to capturing individual and family stories
306 Gaelic Mantra - echoes everything I believe —Ansel Adams
305 & Salesforce Foundation - web based software for connecting with clients (crm) & community service
304 "The Ecology of Decisions", by Phil Salin - co-evolution of tools and decision skill
303 Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles, by Jesús Huerta de Soto - money: emergent phenomenon assimilated by systems of central control
301 United Arab Emirates + Anglosphere = ? - English Common Law Applies in Dubai International Financial Center
300 De Materia Medica, by Pedanius Dioscorides - first superstition-free book on botany & pharmacology
299 Emmanuel Ofosu Yeborah - an explorer of inspiring vision, bicycling across Ghana
298 The Phrontistery, Rampart College, October 1963 to April 1964 - short history of a place devoted to thinking about freedom
297 Laissez Faire Books - booklist & review
296 Iran - Heideggerites vs. Popperites - as observed by Amir Taheri
295 "The Champion of Hong Kong's Freedom", by Christian Wignall - Sir John Cowperthwaite, Hong Kong, 1941 to 1971
294 Singing Wind Bookshop - books on the American Southwest
293 Swarms, Boundaries, Object-Oriented Emergence of Complex Systems - unconscious collaboration of small local intelligences
292 Quent Cordair Fine Art - the finest in romantic realism
291 Yorktown University - education for leadership & cultural recovery
290 "The Multiculturalism of the Streets", by Joel Kotkin - street vs. political multiculturalism — an important difference
289 "Ayn Rand and American Culture," by Peter Saint-André - "culture" & "liberty", and the origins of "the American difference"
288 Ignatius Loyola on Epistemology - a kind of certainty
287 Authoritarianism vs. Libertarian Principles in the Russian Revolution - Emma Goldman, Afterward to My Disillusionment in Russia
286 Ijtihad - Islam's lost tradition of independent thinking - Irshad Manji, on an aspect of Islam's greatness
285 Manufacturing and Poetry - Walter P. Chrysler: "Creative Joy"
284 Privately Produced Law - resources for the study of polycentric law - the work of Tom W. Bell
283 Spore — a game of universe building - Release Date: September 7, 2008
282 Hong Kong - Freedom's Beachhead in China - Lion Rock Institute, Hong Kong
281 Ireland, Columba, Iona, Scotland - a form of light carried to the North of England
280 "The Enterprise of Community," by Spencer Heath MacCallum - Social and Environmental Implications of Administering Land as Productive Capital
279 Spencer Heath, Pioneer in Aviation and Philosophy - Biographical Note by Spencer Heath MacCallum, Heather Foundation
278 The Blind Men and the Elephant - the risk of parts appearing to be wholes
276 "Richard Cobden, Activist for Peace", by Gary Galles - Repeal of the corn laws, England, 1846
275 Alliance for Holistic Aging (AHA) - Intention of the Alliance, December 2005
274 Henry Ford's First Political Activity, 1912 - it was for the birds
273 Sonora Advance! - Communication from Ricardo Valenzuela, January 8, 2006
272 Life Navigation Tools - Chance's 2006 Pacific Crest Trail Journal
271 "Protagoras Resurrected", by James R. Otteson - Social and Political Theory in the Scottish Enlightenment
270 Community - moves, pauses, hears
269 Islam and the Discovery of Freedom, by Rose Wilder Lane - Published by Minaret of Freedom Institute
268 All the Marvelous Earth, by J. Krishnamurti - a beautiful and thoughtful book
267 How Jack Wheeler Helped Us Learn of Antioxidants - Durk Pearson, Sandy Shaw, Merv Griffin Show, 1970s?
266 Jonathan Gullible, by Ken Schoolland - published in 39 languages (January 2010)
265 Pelagius or Augustine? - a difference that persists
264 Order, Character, Natural Values, Singleness of Mind - Quotation from Charles Morgan's The Voyage
263 Need for Definite Images of Good - the problem with dark-adapted eyes
262 Step 13 - Self Reconstruction for the Homeless - real change, not spare change
261 Emergence - swords are dulled on stone but grass shall break it
260 Observations on the Causes of the Decline of Ancient Civilization - from Human Action by Ludwig von Mises
259 The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) - the tradition of freedom, a home of liberty since 1946
258 The Law, by Frederic Bastiat - a classic of liberty, published in France, 1850
257 Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - control of governments and protection of minorities
256 HoloWorld: Blueprint for a Synergetic Society - freedom of choice, civilized, synergetic, ecological interaction and cooperation
255 Conservatism, Libertarianism and the Anglosphere Perspective - Lexington Green's posting in the Albion's Seedling blog, 11 November 2005
254 Israel-Palestine Donkey Resting Station - Tayibe Resting Station — something worth doing together
253 Selected Quotations for the Ideological Skeptic - Collected by Laird Wilcox
252 The Creation of Conscious Culture Through Educational Innovation, by Michael Strong - book in progress (December 2005), first chapter
251 Seed Savers Exchange - nurturing our diverse, fragile, genetic and cultural heritage
250 Symposium on Social Architecture - Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachussets, November 14-15, 2005
249 The Natural Law Community - Culture Magic, the writings of A. Allen Butcher
248 ""Milau Viaduct, Tarn River Valley, Massif Central, France - a magnificent example of large scale engineering
247 "Alignment Beyond Agreement", by Yasuhiko Kimura - important distinction: congruence of intention / congruence of opinion
246 Montana Green Party Weekly Bulletin - a vision of common good beyond special interests and the business of politics
245 Michael Oakeshott Association - reason, play, creative imagination, conversation, civilization
244 The Capitalist Manifesto, by Andrew Bernstein - radio interview with Andrew Bernstein by Prodos
243 Grassroots Globalization - "Towards a Digital Revolution in Philanthropy," by Mark Frazier
242 Heroes of the Russian Revolution - Writers Who Resisted the Party in the 1930's
240 Be Reasonable: Selected Quotations for Inquiring Minds, by Laird Wilcox and John George - a tool for developing mental open space
239 Selected Quotations for the Ideological Skeptic, by Laird Wilcox - chosen by the author of books on extremists of the right and of the left
238 Jonathan Ive, Design Museum, London, by Tower Bridge - leadership, investing in tools and processes, attention to detail
237 The Lunar Society of Birmingham - the power of small networks of explorers
236 Sentenced to Death, by Pyotr Patrushev - escape from Soviet communism by swiming across the Black Sea
235 Project Nirvana: How the Cold War Was Won, by Pyotr Patrushev - humanity consciously guiding evolution — a "science truth" novel
234 African America's Meiji Revolution - From Bennett's The Anglosphere Challenge
233 The Flying Spaghetti Monster - yet another theory of everything (yatoe)
232 Into the Wardrobe : a C. S. Lewis web site
231 Free Cuba's Librarians, August 2005 - Nat Hentoff & Ray Bradbury
230 Socrates Salon begins in Rome, Italy, 5 October 2005 - Ronald and Beatrice Gross
229 First Draft of A Manifesto of Visionary Art, by L. Caruana - Monaco 2001
228 Pierre F. Goodrich - Liberty Fund — enterprise in support of liberty
227 Trickle Up - conditional investment in new entrepreneurs, paths to prosperity
226 Recoverings - Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan Book Jackets - rare book jackets beautifully rebuilt
225 In Victory: Magnanimity — Trafalger, 1805
224 Lifeboats, British Isles — Philanthropic Enterprise
223 Chicago Tribune Building, Entry Hall, Chicago - inscriptions in stone on freedom of speech, freedom of the press
222 Capitalism for Kids, by Karl Hess - the power of the individual to create positive change in the world
221 John D. Rockefeller — A Biography by John T. Flynn, 1932 - God's Gold: The Story of Rockefeller and His Times
220 "Paths to Peace", by Mark Frazier - A Sri Lankan Example for Post-Conflict Societies
219 Michael Yon : Online Magazine - observation, listening, reporting, writing, by a man who is there in a way that matters
218 The Graphing Calculator Story - how and why great things happen
217 Bastiat Prize for 2005 - International Policy Network
216 Steve Jobs, Stanford University, June 12, 2005 - Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish
215 The Mathematical Explorer - Wolfram Research's "Journey to the Frontiers of Mathematics"
214 Playback Theatre - Playback builds empathy and connection between groups of people
213 Manzanar: An American Story - In remembrance of the Japanese internment experience during World War II
212 Arthur Koestler's Telegram to Stalin, 1938, On Behalf of Alex Weissberg
211 Horizon School, Sri Lanka -- HorizonLanka Academy - a history, by Mark Frazier, March 2005
210 Being a Bird - Witold Kasper - The Kasper Wing - slow, stable, highly controlled flight
209 Being a Great White Shark - Fabien Cousteau - to get inside the mind of the Great White shark, be one of them
208 The Whig Constitutional Settlement of 1688 - A Source of American Freedom - From The Anglosphere Challenge, by James C. Bennett, pp. 182-83
207 Windward, an Intentional Community - complex systems, working models, tests, essential radicalism
206 School Choice Weekly - The Heartland Institute
205 Orthodoxy, by G. K. Chesterton
204 "Truth," by Robert Green Ingersoll - 1897
203 West-Eastern Divan Workshop and Orchestra - Arab-Israeli Symphony Orchestra
202 Albion's Seed, by David Hackett Fischer - origins of complex, dynamic, stable order
201 "A Fatherless Land", by Pyotr Patrushev - A Visit to Russia, December 2004
200 Iraq - Good News - reporting by Arthur Chrenkoff
199 Paul Stamets, Mycologist - how mushrooms can save the world
198 Iraq, Beethoven, January 30, 2005 - Sometimes Beethoven is right, and Associated Press, Reuters, New York Times are wrong
197 XCor Aerospace - a path to space
195 Albion's Seedlings - weblog on Anglosphere topics
194 The Hector Berlioz Website - 1803-1869
191 Consumer Driven Health Care, Flint Hills Center, Wichita, Kansas - service delivery or patient power?
190 Pacific, by Mark Helprin - stories from an old world always becoming new
189 The Cerro Mojino Ranch, Tres Piedras, New Mexico - land stewardship sustains navajo-churro sheep business
188 Murray N. Rothbard - His Life and Times - radical freedom advocate, biographical and bibliographical information
187 The Powered Hand: The History of Black & Decker, by Otto J. Scott - another view of what's important in the world
186 The Hanseatic League - complex order from flexible agreements
185 Invisible Allies, by Alekandr Solzhenitsyn - what samizdat did and how it worked
184 Bollystan - globalization desi-style ('desi' is Hindi slang for 'from our country')
183 Educating with the Harkness Table, by Tyler C. Tingley - learning through conversation
182 Internet City, Dubai - knowledge economy ecosystem within free trade zone
181 Openflows - Open Source Intelligence (OSI)
180 Alan Macfarlane - the making & riddle of the modern world & other contents of Alan Macfarlane's website
179 Zamyatin and Rand - Yevgeny Zamyatin - Influence on Ayn Rand?
177 Monetary Integrity — the Saracens of Spain - five hundred years — 7th to 12th centuries, CE
176 The Anglosphere Challenge, by James C. Bennett - Why the English-Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century
175 Frederick Douglass (1818-1895) - online autobiography
170 The Systems Bible, by John Gall - third edition of Systemantics
167 The Most Beautiful Thing - words of Albert Einstein
164 Nanomedicine, Volume 1: Basic Capabilities, by Robert A. Freitas Jr. - an endlessly impressive and uniquely important book
163 Keith Black on Work and Play - find what you love; do that thing
162 The Noble Foundation - Improvement of Agriculture, Ardmore, Oklahoma, USA
161 Peter Johnsson - Sword Maker
160 The Autobiography of Yukichi Fukuzawa - philosopher, schoolmaster, discoverer of the West
159 The Eric Hoffer Resource - "The aspiration toward freedom is the most essentially human of all human manifestations."
158 Delicious Monster Software - software as a practical art form
157 A Philosopher of Change - Interview with Yasuhiko Kimura
156 FLOW: A New Focus, A New Idealism - a growing network of thinking, aware idealists
155 Parallel Universe Bee Keeping, Soroti, Uganda & Boulder, Colorado - Summer 2004 course at Longmont Free University
154 The Hinges of History, by Thomas Cahill - the story of the great gift-givers
153 Henry Ford - Wild Wheel, Innocent Mind - Garrett Garrett's biography of Henry Ford, The Wild Wheel
152 Prodos - interviews with Leon Luow & Andrew Bernstein - advocate of global freedom, invention & prosperity
151 Fisher Institute for Medical Research - glyconutrients - sugars that heal
150 Minaret of Freedom - unending holy struggle (jihâd) against every form of tyranny over the mind of man
149 Composing a Life, by Mary Catherine Bateson - life as an improvisational art form
148 Enlightenment - described by Immanuel Kant, 1785 - the emancipation of man from a state of self-imposed tutelage
147 The Mobius Strip - small change, big difference - important principal of effective action
146 Networks and Network Generators, by Ming the Mechanic - designed and spontaneous orders
145 Ming the Mechanic - a blog for explorers - "An old rigid civilization is relutantly dying. Something new, open, free and exiting is waking up."
144 The Future of Freedom, by Fareed Zakaria - Illiberal Democracy at Home and Abroad
143 Nestor Makhno, Defender of the Ukrania - 1918-21 Opponent of Whites and Reds
142 Islam's Historical Tolerance of Religions - Lord Lamont, Hi Pakistan, 15 February 2004, Lecture at Szabist
141 The Program of Economic Freedom - the position of true liberals
140 "The Gods Send Thread for the Web Begun" - Andrew Carnegie
139 The Law of the Somalis, by Michael Van Notten - tribal law enhanced for world market participation
138 Hayek's Challenge, by Bruce Caldwell - An Intellectual Biography of F.A. Hayek
137 The Teenage Liberation Handbook, by Grace Llewellyn - How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education
136 The Horses of Proud Spirit, by Melanie Sue Bowles - "...immerse ourselves in something we could be passionate about..."
135 Deep impulse of reverence - Bertrand Russell, 1917 - individuality brings differences and uniformity means death
134 "Memory Distortion", by Lawrence Sullivan - How Minds, Brains, and Societies Reconstruct the Past
133 Uhuru, by Robert Ruark - a novel about freedom, and its promises, fallacies and follies
132 Degree Confluence Project - a pattern of meetings on planet earth
131 The Open Universe, by Karl R. Popper
130 The Lancaster System of Education - let children teach
129 Power: The Natural History of its Growth, by Bertrand de Jouvenel - 'a great book' -F. A. Hayek, 1948
128 Johnny Appleseed - a man who planted trees
127 Stone Reader, a Film by Mark Moskowitz - Finding Dow Mossman, author of The Stones of Summer
126 Martin J. Donnelly - Antique Tools and Books
125 Dirk J. Struik (1894 - 2000) - author of Yankee Science in the Making
124 Mary Fields, "Stagecoach Mary," Montana, 1900 - born a slave, became an explorer
123 The Man Who Planted Trees, by Jean Giono
122 Our Greatest Fear —Marianne Williamson - it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
121 Unpublished Autobiography of I. N. Benyuda - enslavement can never be erased from the mind
120 The Support Economy, by Shoshana Zuboff - mass market capitalism vs. distributed capitalism
119 What Has Government Done to Our Money, by Murray N. Rothbard
118 The Austrian Study Guide
117 The Nolan Chart - the political spectrum accurately represented
116 The Ludwig von Mises Institute
114 The Intellectual Web of Documents
113 Wayne's Word - on-line textbook of natual history
111 Horizon Lanka Foundation, Sri Lanka - a netwise place of learning in rural Sri Lanka
110 Sikh Religion and Warriors - Kohima Memorial - "When you go home tell them of us, and say, for your tomorrow, we gave our today."
109 Utopia in Power, by Mikhail Heller and Aleksandr M. Nekrich - history of soviet union, 1917 to 1982
108 At Home in the Universe, by Stuart Kaufmann - search for laws of self-organization and complexity
107 Engineers without Borders - improve the quality of life in villages and towns throughout the world
106 The Year of Ayn Rand - 2005 in Russia
105 Boris Pasternak Sends Doctor Zhivago to Italy - an act of heroism and committment, 1956-57
103 ACT with Genius - minimum action for maximum effect
102 State Ownership vs. Individual Domains - In Opinion Journal, by Vernon L. Smith
101 Michael Faraday's Description of the Philosopher - no school, no master
100 Argentum & iron ... - stories in sculpture
097 Vladimir Dmitrievich Nabokov - July 15, 1870 - March 28, 1922
093 The Fatal Conceit - by F.A. Hayek - rule by people presuming knowledge they do not have
091 The Tristan Chord, by Brian Magee
090 Philosophy and the Real World, by Brian Magee - a book essential to the study of freeorder
088 "How Do We Change Public Policy?", by Joseph L. Bast, June 2005 - philosophy, tactics, and strategy of The Heartland Institute, Chicago, Illinois
086 Tetration - What Lies Beyond Exponentiation?
084 Walter E. Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason University - Publications & Recommended Websites
083 Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book, by Eric Dondero Rittberg
081 Biocon, India - history of an Indian biotech company
080 KurzweilAI.Net - examining the confluence of accelerating revolutions
079 Consciousness of Battle, by Mary McDermott Shideler
077 Stuckism - a movement for representational art
075 The Map House of London - antique maps and globes
074 The Trail of Painted Ponies - innovative fundraising for nonprofits
073 The Methuselah Mouse Prize - promoting research to extend the healthy human lifespan
071 Faith and Liberty: The Economic Thought of the Late Scholastics, by Alejandro A. Chafuen - systematic moral analysis of the ethical issues associated with trade and commerce
068 The Independent Eye - Co-Creation - theater & radio journeys from the heart
066 Zorig Foundation - future of Mongolia
065 The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art - foster connections between visual and verbal literacy
064 Blood of the Roses, by Alex Gabbard - Review, by Sunni Maravillosa
063 Wolfram Research: A New Kind of Science Explorer
062 The Road to Serfdom, by F. A. Hayek - why the continual expansion of the state endangers liberty
060 Black Inventors Before the American Civil War - episode 127 from John Lienhard's Engines of Our Ingenuity
058 Analog Revolution - the continuous vs the finely divided
056 Aribac Alianza Network, Nogales, Arizona - A informal bi-national network of professionals
055 MG Taylor - The work of Matt & Gail Taylor
054 Regulatory Arbitrage, UPI Column, 18 August 2002, by James C. Bennett - The internet lowers the transaction costs for some kinds of regulatory arbitrage
053 The Institute for Liberty and Democracy, Lima, Peru - work of Hernando de Soto
052 Nevil Shute Norway, Engineer & Novelist - devoted engineer, accidental novelist
051 The Retreat to Commitment, by William Warren Bartley III - the nature and limits of criticism
050 Openworld, Inc. - internet-based just-in-time learning
049 Mathematics as Injunctions - G. Spencer Brown in The Laws of Form
048 The Windward Foundation - developing, communicating and implementing the principles of self-reliance
045 Creativity Web - resources for thinking, discovering, inventing
044 Sand County Foundation - Community Based Natural Resource Management
042 "The World Is Full of Kooks and Some of Them Are Us", by Pyotr Patrushev - ©Pyotr Patrushev, 2002
040 Paul Johnson, Historian
039 H. L. Mencken: Engaging the Absurd with Wit and Wisdom - an essay of appreciation by Murray N. Rothbard
038 "The Virtues of Enlightened Selfishness", by Yasuhiko Kimura - Ayn Rand & Lao Russell
036 The Networking Game: Five Rules - by Leif Smith and Patricia Wagner
035 The Mont Pelerin Society - A Great Council, first meeting 1947
033 Universal Selection Theory — the Second Darwinian Revolution - Without Miracles, by Gary Cziko
032 The Bloomsbury Review - where to find good reading and great writers
030 New Civilization Network - linking the people who change the world
029 Life Extension Foundation - live long and prosper!
028 Islam and the Medieval Progenitors of Austrian Economics", by Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad - some of the origins of Austrian School market theory?
027 "Thoughts on Wizards", by Leif Smith - inspired by Tolkien's Gandalf and the music of Beethoven
026 Pattern Research, Denver, Colorado - tools for explorers
025 Classical Liberalism in Mexico - Ricardo Valenzuela, 6 April 1996
024 "The End of Capitalism", by James C. Bennett - A funny thing happened on the way to the Third Millennium
023 James Watt, by Andrew Carnegie - published 1905
022 The Edge Foundation - an engagement of minds with reality
021 Foresight Institute - thinking about nanotechnology
020 "Bio-conversion" — Jim McNelly, 1996 - carbon recycling and management
019 Resiliance Alliance - the search for foundations for sustainability
018 "Here's to the Crazy Ones" — Apple Computer - a television ad first seen in 1997
017 Engines of Our Ingenuity - how our culture is formed by human creativity
016 The Karl Popper Web - science: conjecture & refutation
015 Human Action, by Ludwig von Mises - book ... a general theory of human action ... General Treatises, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Business Cycles, Policy, Antitrust and Monopoly
014 Joe Meheen, Interviewed by Jan Prince, 2002 - on curiosity and creativity
013 Letters on the English, by Voltaire - spark of enlightenment
012 The Cathedral and the Bazaar, by Eric Raymond - the philosophy of opensource software
011 Liberty of the Press against Corruption - Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Inscribed in Stone, Chicago Tribune Building
010 "An Anglosphere Primer", by James C. Bennett - ©2001, 2002 by James C. Bennett, Presented to the Foreign Policy Research Institute
009 The Twilight Club
008 Wolfram Science - A New Kind of Science
007 Wilhelm Furtwängler: Genius Forged in the Cauldron of War - by Peter Gutman
006 Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - the free-content encyclopedia that anyone can edit
005 Mata Ortiz — The Pottery of Mata-Ortiz, Mexico - Juan Quezada, Students, Friends, and Spencer MacCallum
004 Atlas Economic Research Foundation & Atlas Network - bringing freedom to the world
003 Youth Arts Collective, Monterey, California
002 Socrates' Way, by Ronald Gross - seven master keys to using your mind to the utmost
001 "Inklings of Another World", by Mary McDermott Shideler - The significance of J. R. R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings
000 The Laws of Form, by G. Spencer Brown - "We take as given the idea of distinction ..."