Explorers Foundation investments recognize and advance the work of individuals and ventures that contribute to the emergence of freeorder. Investments have ranged from $5,000 to $250. The pattern of investments is intended to encourage this thought: We can build and sustain a world fit for explorers and fit ourselves to live in such a world.

Leif Smith, President, Explorers Foundation, Denver, Colorado, USA
leifsmith *at* explorersfoundation *dot* org, 720-891-7308.

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Cobden-Bright Awards - Explorers Foundation
who why amt date
James C. Bennett Toward writing an entrepreneurial space book 500 June 2024
Sean Gabb Writings on Liberty 500 January 2022
James C. Bennett Study: CANZUK in Space, Part 2 of 3 3,500 November 2021
Brownstone Institute Tucker & Gilder: writing for Freeorder 1,000 September 2021
Mises Institute Cronyism: Liberty and Power, Patrick Newman 500 September 2021
Jerry Mallett Colorado Headwaters 500 September 2021
Linda Sweeney Alumni and Donors Unite 1,000 August 2021
Linda Sweeney Reformation of Higher Education 2,500 April 2021
James C. Bennett Study: CANZUK in Space, Part 1 of 3 6,000 March 2021
Michael Strong Reformation of Higher Education 500 June 2020
Linda Sweeney Reformation of Higher Education 500 June 2020
Gary Hoover American Business History Center 250 May 2019
Mises Institute Conceived in Liberty v5, Murray N. Rothbard 100 April 2019
Magatte Wade Senegal, enterprise, freedom to venture 250 October 2018
Mises Institute The Progressive Era, Murray N. Rothbard 1,000 August 2017
Peter J. McLaughlin Feedback Revolution, Peter J. McLaughlin 2,500 August 2013
Michael J. Lotus America 3.0, Bennett & Lotus 1,000 August 2012
Alan Macfarlane origins of individualism; e-books 500 February 2009
Michael Strong, FLOW peace through commerce; new book 500 December 2008
C.S. Lewis Society of California drawing us toward the wonder of being 250 June 2008
The Independent Institute publication of ideas in support of liberty 250 June 2008
Mark Frazier, Openworld, Inc. entrepreneurial schools 250 March 2008
Max Borders systems, complexity, economics, freeorder 250 February 2008
Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad, Minaret of Freedom ijtihad, freedom of thought 250 January 2008
Richard L. Bolin, Flagstaff Institute free zones, free ports, free cities 250 December 2007
Ronald Gross & Socrates provoking thinking, conversation, scholarship 250 December 2007
International Society for Individual Liberty gathering forces of liberty worldwide 250 December 2007
Seed Savers Exchange preserving old seeds of the future 250 December 2007
Foresight Institute mangement of powerful technologies 250 December 2007
Centro Artistico y Cultural de Huachinera cultural renaissance led by artists 250 December 2007
K. Eric Drexler mangement of powerful technologies 250 December 2007
Sand County Foundation ethical & scientific land management 250 December 2007
Robert C. Haywood, WEPZA free zones, free ports, free cities 250 December 2007
Spencer MacCallum advancing the enterprise of community 250 December 2007
Grace Llewellyn opening space for bold minds and spirits 250 December 2007
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition drug problem: half of the solution 250 October 2007
The Bloomsbury Review good books for and by explorers 250 October 2007
Michael Strong, FLOW freeorder generator, peace through commerce 250 October 2007
Centre for Playback Theatre a new form of communication 250 August 2007
Irshad Manji, Project Ijtihad rebirth of critical thinking in Islam 250 July 2007
The Minaret of Freedom rebirth of critical thinking in Islam 250 July 2007
Walt Patrick, Windward Foundation management of complex systems 250 July 2007
Youth Arts Collective development of the artistic mind & spirit 250 July 2007
Mises Institute biography of a great liberal economist 250 June 2007
Jeff Rubin, Alliance for Holistic Aging communication across age boundaries 500 2006
Mark Frazier, Openworld, Inc. catalysts for world-class free-market reforms 2,500 2006
James C. Bennett, The Anglosphere origins & importance of cultural freeorder 2,500 2006
Learning Empowers Uganda entrepreneurial education in Uganda 5,000 2005
Horizon Lanka Foundation entrepreneurial education in Sri Lanka 3,000 2004