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Oath of Fealty of the Aragonese Lords to their Monarch (15th c.)

We, who are as good as you,
swear to you, who are no better than us,
to accept you as our king and sovereign,
provided you observe all our liberties and laws,
but if not, no.
A Time for Audacity: How Brexit Has Created the CANZUK Option, by James C. Bennett, has at last been published, without technical problems, in a Kindle book, on Amazon. The book is in three parts: A post-Brexit introductory essay; a FAQ providing a reference design for a new form of union among Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K.; and a collection of stories about the lives and choices of people living in the Union in the year 2036. More about the book ••• (including the introductory essay to the pre-Brexit edition, and all the questions answered in the FAQ). The Amazon page •••.
CANZUK Uniting ••• — contributors: James C. Bennett, Conrad Black, Jeremy Black, Michael R.J. Bonner, Brent H. Cameron, John Kenner, Roger Kimball, Andrew Lilico, Michael J. Lotus, Iain Murray, John O’Sullivan, Michael F. Reber, Andrew Roberts, James Skinner. Biographies of all participants are provided on the site, and they are all impressive.
> Log
> “The Anglosphere is “at the heart of a re-emerging political world-view.” —NewStatesman, London, Feb 2015 •••
* “Euroscepticism and the Anglosphere: Traditions and Dilemmas in Contemporary English Nationalism,” Journal of Common Market Studies, January 2015 issue, Volume 53, Issue 1, by Ben Wellings, Monash University, and Helen Baxendale, Oxford University. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcms.12207/full#jcms12207-sec-0004
V The word, Anglosphere
* The word, “Anglosphere” occurs in Neal Stephenson’s novel, The Diamond Age, published in 1995. Jim Bennett used the word in a talk given at The Hudson Institute’s Thatcher Forum, October 1999 (date needs confirmation), in an article in the National Post, January 4, 2000, and in an article in The National Interest: Networking Nation-States (Winter 2003-2004).
V Anglosphere as used by Jim Bennett:
‘The Anglosphere is more than the sum of all persons who have learned the English language. To be part of the Anglosphere implies the sharing of fundamental customs and values at the core of English-speaking cultures: individualism; rule of law; honoring of covenants; in general, the high-trust characteristics described by Francis Fukuyama in Trust: The Social Virtues and the Creation of Prosperity; and the emphasis on freedom as a political and cultural value. The Anglosphere shares a narrative in which the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, trial by jury, “innocent until proven guilty,” “a man’s home is his castle,” and “a man’s word is his bond” are common themes. Two persons communicating in English but sharing the narrative and assumptions of a different civilization are not necessarily a part of the Anglosphere, unless their values have also been affected by the core values of English-speaking civilization.’ — The Anglosphere Challenge: Why the English-Speaking Nations Will Lead the Way in the Twenty-First Century, James C. Bennett, pp. 79-80
* Robert Conquest is said to have used the word in a book published around 2000.
> Explorers Foundation support for the Anglosphere
> Daniel Hannan, at Acton Institute, October 9, 2014 •••
> Project Bennett — Explorers Foundation support of the work of James C. Bennett
> In the following partial listing of works by James C. Bennett a good place to start is: The Third Anglosphere Century  ••• (pdf) (Heritage Foundation 2007); Amazon ••• (printed booklet, from $14.98 -checked May 31, 2016)
V Emmanuel Todd’s work on family types fundamental to understanding the Anglosphere
* Emmanuel Todd’s theory of family types is now used by Bennett & Lotus (see their America 3.0, as a fundamental explanatory idea accounting for the dynamism of the Anglosphere.
America, England, Europe - Why Do We Differ?” ••• by James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus, in Hungarian Review •••, November 2013.
> On Brian Micklethwait’s blog
* John Wilkes Club ••• (personal and political liberty since 1745)
V Book Reviews
* The Anglosphere Challenge, by James C. Bennett
* America 3.0, By James C. Bennett and Michael J. Lotus — a collection of reviews: http://explorersfoundation.org/A3.0.html
* Fukuyama, Francis, The Origins of Political Order, reviewed by Adam Kirsch, "City Journal", Spring 2011 •••
V Wood, Ian S., Britain, Ireland, and the Second World War, reviewed by Daniel C. Williamson •••
* Noted by Mike Lotus (Lexington Green, at http://chicagoboyz.net
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