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ACT with Genius

minimum action for maximum effect

ACT with Genius is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to fostering small initiatives that cherish all children, support their well being and their education, and reduce the effects of trauma and high stress in their world. It has been created to conduct research, to educate the public, and to promote direct services to benefit children both in the United States and abroad. Its current activities include one research project [see the Negro Colleges Research Project], one education project [see the Teaching in Traumatic Times Project] and one global service project [see the Global Village Partnership Project]. In addition, ACT is addressing a humanitarian crisis in northern Uganda that is devastating villagers. This is occurring in an area ACT was already committed to serving educationally before it fell under siege. For information about the situation and how you can help, see the Henry/Uganda Relief Project.

Contact information:

ACT with Genius, Inc.
4850 Niwot Road
Longmont, CO 80503
(303) 530-2484
entered before July 9, 2006

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