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Horizon Lanka Foundation, Sri Lanka

a netwise place of learning in rural Sri Lanka

The Horizon Lanka Foundation (HLF) was established in 1998, as a result of the determination and vision of a young English teacher called Nanda Wanninayaka from the village of Mahawilachchiya. He helped start a handwritten English language newspaper with the students of Saliyamala School, at which he was working at the time. Having read the newspaper, the United States Embassy in Colombo donated the first computer to Mahawilachchiya. Unfortunately, Mr. Wanninayaka had to leave his post at the school due to some resistance to change and progression from conservative teachers. But the village children's thirst for knowledge led them to the door of Mr. Nanda Wanninayaka, their former English teacher in the public school. Thus began an after-school club providing children with further education in English and ICT. A Sri Lankan couple named Mr and Mrs Gaminitilleke, who then lived in Japan, helped the Foundation by providing a lot of initial help and support. Since then, the Foundation has become increasingly popular for many children of the village, and they have continually reaped the rewards of attending such an establishment over the years. Since 1998, the Horizon Lanka Foundation has grown and expanded; as well as providing a comprehensive education to the village children at Horizon Lanka Academy, they have expanded into the 'Information Age.'

In 2004, Explorers Foundation helped finance the construction of a tower to give the school a constant connection to the internet.
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