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The Intellectual Web of Documents

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Intellectual webs of documents are information structures in which individual entities - documents - are related to others in the web through a linking mechanism. This project explores webs created from two different sources:, and Web of Knowledge. The entities chosen from share a relationship through "similar to" associations. Entities from Web of Knowledge are related through scholarly citation.

"This project consists of several parts:

   The Amazon Similarity Explorer is an interactive tool that builds intellectual webs from's "Similar to..." lists by directly interrogating the database.

   "Web of Knowledge" describes the search process involved in building an intellectual web
   on the topic of "open citation linking" and analyzes the relationships discovered among the
   ten documents selected for inclusion.

   "Comparison" discusses similarities and differences between the Amazon and Web of
   Knowledge exercises.

"The need for organization in a world awash in information has never been greater. This project explores two contemporary approaches to very traditional problems of information organization.
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