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Unpublished Autobiography of I. N. Benyuda

enslavement can never be erased from the mind

'Enslavement can never be erased from the mind. Even release from the reign of base brutality cannot produce a carefree, unclouded existence. My suffering is not just a personal meter. My mother passed on to me her love for humanity. My compassion lies now with others. By day, harrowing doubts assail my thoughts, and I want to cry out, "it must not happen again! If you had seen what I have, you would make sure it does not happen to you!" By night troubled dreams disturb my consciousness and I shout warnings to a blinded populace steeped in petty human affairs, bent on greed, lust, riches, lost in meaningless religious and political conflicts. "Wake up, sleeping ones! The tyrant strikes when you are weak and vulnerable. Your greed and lust will destroy you, your riches will be of no use to you, your laughter will be stilled as the enemy enslaves you, and the whole world will become a Gusen II!"'

-Benyuda, I.N. "Untitled", Unpublished manuscript, 1998.

The author was known in America as Ray Radford. He lived a long life of entrepreneurial and humane excellence. The quotation is from a chapter on the Gusen II concentration camp where the writer spent some of his teenage years during World War II.

This is a remarkable book. Suggestions about publication are welcome. -leif
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