glyph 124


Mary Fields, "Stagecoach Mary," Montana, 1900

born a slave, became an explorer

'Mary Fields was born a slave in Tennessee in 1832. At the age of 53 she left her position working in a convent in Ohio and embarked upon a new life out west., at a Montana mission settlement. A resourceful woman, used to hard work, Fields was invaluable to the mission. she was an experience healer, using folk remedies to administer to the sick; and also did painting, carpentry, growing food in the mission gardens, and driving wagons. In 1895 she took a job driving a stagecoach between Great Falls and Benton. Bundled in her buffalo coat, and tough as any man in the territory, "Stagecoach Mary" became a familiar sight on the road. She retired in 1901 and died in Cascade, Montana in 1914.'

-Note found in an exhibit case, Wells Fargo Bank, Denver, Colorado, March 2004
entered before July 9, 2006

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