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"Memory Distortion", by Lawrence Sullivan

How Minds, Brains, and Societies Reconstruct the Past

The Explorers Foundation's statement of purpose is, "to build a world fit for explorers and to learn to fit ourselves to inhabit such a world".

The second paragraph of Lawrence Sullivan's article tells why his work is important to those working to better fit themselves to inhabit a world fit for explorers. For me, this requires development of awareness grounded in respect for being, i.e. in a pervasive background awareness of the limitatiions of our own individual consciousness. Knowing something of how memories are constructed and maintained induces a worthwhile sense of caution. -leif

Second paragraph:

'... Memory distortion carries negative consequences for individuals and communities in such disturbing forms as personal disorientation, fractured identities, broken relations, litigious action, propagandist rewriting of the historical record, and war-time demagoguery. Memory distortion, it would seem, places human beings at risk of losing touch with their grounding sense of reality. Societies and individuals struggle to avoid these negative consequences and to preserve their grounding sense of reality. As a part of that struggle, then, we would do well to understand memory distortion and to do so with all the resources available from multiple disciplines.'

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