glyph 138: book . F. A. Hayek . Austrian School economics, use of knowledge, spontaneous order, designed order


Hayek's Challenge, by Bruce Caldwell

An Intellectual Biography of F.A. Hayek

"Hayek's Challenge represents a career's worth of thinking and writing on F. A. Hayek's contributions to the social sciences. Because of the breadth and depth of Hayek's work, evaluating it or even summarizing it is a reach for anyone; yet, because of his own specialization in methodology and his willingness to delve into fields well outside his own, Caldwell is uniquely qualified to undertake the challenge. His book has to be judged a dramatic success. Hayek's Challenge should easily gain a reputation as one of the most and possibly the most significant contributions to the literature on F. A. Hayek." -Roger Garrison, author of Time and Money: The Macroeconomics of Capital Structure

"A highly original work. Caldwell's scholarship is impeccable, and in fact extraordinary. Written lucidly and eminently readable, Hayek's Challenge is likely to become one of the leading works in the field. It will be consulted again and again for the wealth of incidental information that it contains." -Israel M. Kirzner
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