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Joe Meheen, Interviewed by Jan Prince, 2002

on curiosity and creativity

Joe Meheen is a civil engineer. While thinking about curiosity for a book project, Jan Prince, a psychologist, interviewed Joe:

Professional description: H. Joe Meheen, President of Meheen Engineering Co. Expertise and Specialty Bridges of all uses such as vehicles, aircraft, bicycle, pedestrian, pipelines, etc made from many materials, steel, prestressed concrete, wood, composite, aluminum, etc. Other expertise; cable structures, shell structures, tall towers and buildings. He has 39 years of experience and an MS from the University of Illinois, Urbana, IL.

Witold Kasper's book on his aircraft wing design, published by Meheen Engineering, Inc., Denver, Colorado. — Tailless aircraft closer to the configuration of a bird ... how to use aerodymanic phenomena involved in bird flight ... application of vortex generation results in extremely high lift coefficients . less drag . reduced power requirements ... controlled flight in deep stall by aerodynamic means independent of forward speed ... theory of stability. Contact info at

Leonardo da Vinci, on Flight — — these words of da Vinci fit the life and work of Joe Meheen. -leif
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